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Tweet of the Year (2011) – From Tecla Ciolfi


I just got this idea whilst watching a movie at home, but I think its brilliant and even swag (yes, I’m saying things like this and “yo” too nowadays). For those of you who are not on Twitter, you are missing out. It’s the ultimate networking tool (in my humble opinion). I’ve made a lot of friends via this micro blogging service. Twitter has changed my life to be honest. I’ve probably met over 70 people via Twitter since August 2010.

One of those connections in 2011 was @texxonfire (Tecla Ciolfi) from Cape Town. She’s one of the coolest people I’ve met via Twitter. Her tweets are random, interesting and has had me in stitches a few times.  She’s an editor of Your LMG (Live Music Guide) Magazine and she has an awesome blog called Texx and the City.

She tweeted this little gem sometime in 2011 and it has been selected as the Tweet of the Year for 2011 on Running Wolf’s Rant

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