25 Useful Blogging Tips for Beginners from SA Bloggers

Today I have 25 useful blogging tips for beginners from SA Bloggers. A while ago I asked the members of the South African Bloggers Facebook group to give their input for useful blogging tips for beginners. This was their response…

I’m pretty sure you’ll find these blogging tips useful if you’re thinking of starting a blog:

1. “There is no such thing as a free lunch. Blog because you’re passionate about a subject, not because you don’t want to pay for stuff.” Samantha Wright

2. “Do your research. Whatever it is that you choose to blog about, make sure you do as much research around that field as possible. Watch TV shows, YouTube videos and read a lot.” Sandy Nene


3. “Images: Make sure they are not pixelated. Remember to always link back to the images you use if they are not Free stock images.” Chantelle Le Roux

4. “Don’t start a blog because you want to get rich quick because it’s a lot harder than you think and takes up a lot more of your time than you expect it to. Rather, blog about something you really love and feel passionate about and it will always come across that way to your readers and eventually, that’s where the success will come from.” Jonelle Du Pont

5. “Have your contact details (such as an email) on your blog. If people want to chat to you, they need to know how to contact you.” Jessica Franks

6. “Write about what you love. Not only will it be easier and more enjoyable to do, your blog will be more authentic and honest – and ultimately this is what will give your blog integrity and readers.” Barry Tuck

7. “Nothing is original. Authenticity is only found by “stealing” from things which resonate with you at a deep level. Always cite you sources/influences.” Thozi Sejanamane

8. “Find your niche. Whether it’s tech or parenting or writing about what’s going on in a specific city, readers and brands respond well to blogs that are positioned very clearly.” Belinda Mountain

9. “I think it’s always important to stick to your opinion on something no matter what others are saying and how society reacts to a certain thing. People are there to read about your experiences. Don’t let others influence your content.” El Broide

10. “Don’t start a blog with the intentions of making money and getting freebies. Start a blog because you want to write and share with the world.Share blog posts on various Social Media networks. Be passionate about your work.” Verushka Ramasami

Blogging Tips

11. “Use Spell Check” Tamaryn Shepherd

12. “Don’t be an asshole – be real. If you REALLY are an asshole, find a plugin that will filter that shit.” Briget Young

13. “I believe that original, good quality content is vital in creating a successful blog but as important, are good quality, high resolution images! Readers love the visual aspects of a post and often this is the quickest way to capture someone’s attention and keep them reading!” Fiona Rossiter

14. “Blog for the love of sharing information, whether it be on multiple topics or just one topic.” Dale Kopping

15. “If you are offering to review an item, such as a book, make sure your review policy (and contact details) are easily accessible.” Sue Nimmo Holmes

16. “If you say you want people to feel free to contact you for anything, stick to that! I have been surprised by the shock some people express when I respond in a full mail to their questions or their personal vents or fears. Who invites people to communicate and then doesn’t respond in kind?” Mandy-Lee Miller

17. “Pay a professional. Sometimes the Rands at the start save you tears later on.” Samantha Wright

18. “Make sure your writing is readable. Nothing puts me off more than following a link to a post that has no structure, e.g. 1000 words with no paragraphs! Especially if the post looked interesting. It frustrates the living daylights out of my visual cortex, resulting in me clicking the x ‘close tab’.” Chevone Petersen

19. “Ensure that you have social media share buttons linked to every post. It’s the easiest and most credible form of marketing. Also, don’t be afraid to ask readers to share your posts by adding a note at the end of the post.” Rob Thomas

20. “Realise very quickly that nobody gives a shit about your opinion. Share it anyway. If you’re lucky, your opinion will trigger others to share theirs with you, and such engagement is basically the holy grail of social media. Also, boobs get likes.” Christo Baas De Beer

21. “Blogging is dedication and success doesn’t happen overnight. Stop trying to be someone else but instead let your personality shine on your blog…” Shanéy Vijendranath

22. “Be authentic. Write as if you will never get any recognition, no payment or freebies. Write because your soul seeks to speak in words.” Christel-Michel Kruger

23. “Hang in there. A lot of people assume that their blogs will just take off immediately. A few do. but just like anything else successful blogging needs work and dedication.” Palesa Nomaqhawe Mtebele

24. “Reply or Like comments on your posts. A reader has taken the time out to read your work so you can take the time out to at least like a comment.” Celest Whiting

25. “Be true to yourself & your subject. Be relative & current. Be creative & engage with your followers on a daily basis (Instagram / Twitter). Grammar & Spellcheck. Love what you do.” Melanie Verwey

Well, there you have it, 25 useful Blogging Tips for Beginners from SA Bloggers. I trust that you find this information useful.

I just realised that I never added my useful tips so here are a few of them:

1. Post articles regularly. It will keep your audience engaged.

2. If you’re not an expert on a topic, but you are passionate about it, find a contributor who is one and ask them if they want to write on your blog.

3. I am guilty of this sometimes, but try NOT to copy and paste press releases. Use them as guidelines and write your own version of it.

4. Don’t jump on the bandwagon when you see a band / concert announcement on Twitter / Facebook. Confirm if they have been confirmed for a festival / concert before you write an impromptu post about it.

I would like to thank EVERYONE who got involved with this. You guys and girls are AWESOME.

If you need more blogging tips, read this article entitled “How To Blog”.

If you have any other blogging tips, feel free to comment on this article. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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