Photo Album: Fokofpolisiekar @ Arcade Empire


It is a fact that there is no show like a Fokofpolisiekar show. But confine all that rock inside the small space Arcade Empire used to occupy and you  might witness a foreshadowing of the apocalypse. People fighting to the death to catch a glimpse of Francois’ mic swing or Wynand’s kicks. Fans climbed on stage, stood on the bar and even scaled cigarette machines.

Not even the hellish temperatures got to them, people simply resorted to ripping off their clothes.  No one should need convincing to go to Arcade Empire, and even less to go to a Fokofpolisiekar show. Be sure to save the date for the next Fokofpolisiekar show in Pretoria on 8 September (along with Van Coke Kartel, aKing and Jack Parow).

Check out these photos that I took at Arcade Empire:


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