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Vernon Koekemoer appears in Hilarious Advert for Vodacom


Today I’m showcasing a Vodacom TV advert featuring Vernon Koekemoer.

Vernon Koekemoer (aka Cassie Booyse) became famous when a photo of him attending a rave in Johannesburg was posted on the internet. Since then he’s appeared in various adverts on TV in South Africa.

Cassie is a South African bodybuilding enthusiast. He’s similar to alpha male icons in other cultures like America’s Chuck Norris or Kenya’s Makmende and has inspired a variety of derivatives and tributes, from photoshopped images and parody films to websites and T-shirts.

Vodacom is the biggest mobile phone operator in South Africa (with more than 20 million subscribers). Vodacom has been around since 1994.

Vodacom was aided by its optimistic advertisements at the early stages of the democratic South Africa, this includes the Yebo Gogo campaign which is still in effect today in South Africa.

Check out the Vodacom Advert featuring Vernon Koekemoer below:

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