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Vortex Open Source 2018: Everything you need to know


Vortex Open Source 2018 is happening from the 13th to the 17th of December 2018. Brace yourself! Today we have some inside info about the origins of the festival and a few other things.

How did Vortex Open Source start?

The concept of trance in South Africa started 25 years ago when Grant Dreyer was travelling through India. He came across an amazing gathering of people from all walks of life and different religions dancing and partying together on the beaches of India.

Grant had seen nothing like it and immediately thought to himself that this genre of music and experience should be brought to the Rainbow nation in South Africa.

Vortex Open Source Crowd
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So, in 1994 Vortex began and started the first electronic music experience in South Africa when the very first party was held. Back in those days the music was simple: one beat which brought people together to dance and have fun.

At that time, there was no Techno or House or any of the other rave genres that exist today. It was merely called “Rave Music” – one was either a Raver or not. The beauty of the music was
the close interconnection it caused between everyone involved.

Info about the roots of Trance

The actual roots of Trance were developed from disco music in the 80’s when electronic pieces of music were extracted from multiple current artists and then combined into one-hour long mixes of electronic music.

Trance culture should not be confused with “hippie culture”. It is very different and Grant prefers the academic term “Bohemian philosophy”. This precludes any kind of definitions or judgements of race or religion. He believes that Trance is a single philosophy which brings together all those who enjoy the experience and music, and the catch phrase is “One Love”.

Trance has now become a universal phenomenon with millions of
followers worldwide and the community that has evolved from it shows that it is a way of living which everyone can embrace.

Info about Vortex Trance Adventures

Vortex Trance Adventures holds two annual music festivals just outside Cape Town: The 5-day Vortex Open Source Festival in December and the Phoenix Festival of Fire in June.

Both these festivals are as close as possible to the two annual  Solstices. The winter solstice is the pagan celebration of the feminine aspect of the world. The Summer Solstice sees Pagans honoring the sun and its divine powers that create life.

People travel from all over the world to attend these festivals which have become famous on the International Music Festival calendar. The hundreds of local and international DJ’s who play at Vortex music festivals have their own followers as each has his or her own style.

Vortex Open Source 2018
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Here are the Vortex Open Source 2018 Details:

  • Date: 13-17 December 2018
  • Venue: Circle of Dreams, Riviersonderend, Western Cape
  • Times: From 9 AM on the 13th of December until 6 PM on the 17th of December.
  • Line-up: Too many DJ’s to mention
  • Location: From Cape Town: 7 km past Riviersonderend, DR1306 turnoff.
  • GPS Co-ordinates: 34*08’16.27”S 19*59’43.14”E
  • Ticket pricing: R700 for the whole weekend via Quicket.

If you buy a full weekend ticket at the gate, it will set you back R750. If you don’t want to arrive on the Thursday, tickets at the gate will set you back R700 (on the Friday), R650 (on the Saturday), R400 (on the Sunday) or R250 (on the Monday).

Check out the Vortex Trance Adventures website for more information about accommodation and shuttles.

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