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An interview with Werner Bekker about his new single


Werner Bekker’s new single, “I’m With You” (which has been released today on Spotify and all major streaming platforms) is a crucible of the heart – the beautiful sounds of cello complementing his distinguished heartfelt lyrics and folk guitar licks.

“The song is about an old car giving up on you. It acts as a metaphor for a broken relationship. It deals with all of the phases generally experienced when going through a break up such as denial, anger and hope to name a few. This song is a complex crucible of emotion that tugs at the heartstrings. I don’t know how the public will react but I can truly say that this is one of my favourite songs. Deon and Ruan [album producers] helped me achieve a Damien Rice sound on the recording, which is something I’ve strived to achieve for a long time. I chose this as my follow up single because it represents the emotion, tone and style that I most want to pursue; heartfelt, lyrical and vocally driven.” says Werner.

Werner Bekker
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Werner Bekker is a true creative and believes that art should not be compromised for commercial purposes. Trusting in his unique ability to construct a song able to pull at the heartstrings of thousands of people across every age, race, gender and social status, the South African singer-songwriter continues to break down the shackles of preconceived societal norms with his commanding musical compositions.

I recently had a chat to Werner Bekker via e-mail about his new single and a few other things. This is what he had to say:

What do you like the most about music?

I love the way Music makes me think and feel and question things, emotions people and their lives. I love how music can take you on a journey that feels like it squeezes a whole lifetime into three minutes.

What are your thoughts on the current state of SA Music?

I feel the music itself is of international quality but that we still have room to grow in terms of growing the industry and breeding a culture that loves music.

What can you tell us about “I’m With You”?

It’s a slow waltz with cello guitar, drums and lots of emotion. If that sounds like something you’d like go listen to it now!

Werner Bekker - I'm With You
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Where can people follow you online?

My handle on Facebook and Instagram is @wernerbekkermusic and people can also visit my website: www.wernerbekkermusic.co.za – and if you’re a video junkie check out my videos on YouTube.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2018?

I’m playing at Oppikoppi in August so that’s something to look forward to. I’m also releasing one more single and music video and maybe an EP at the end of this year or the start of the next.

I’d like to thank Werner Bekker for this interview and I wish him all of the best with his future musical endeavours. The “I’m With You” music video was also released today, so feel free to check it out below.

“I’m With You” is a follow-up single to his first quarter release ‘Alive Again’, which garnered the attention of industry heavyweights and saw him join top festival line-ups, such as Splashy Fen, Mieliepop Festival, Lush Festival and the Free State Folk Festival.

The video for ‘Alive Again’ was released in March 2018, to great acclaim and has already surpassed 27,500 views. Werner once again teamed up with cinematographers Wilhelm van der Westhuizen and Jan Olivier to produce another awe-inspiring visual component to his new single. The folk artist has drawn inspiration from his personal experiences, producing what he calls “a heartfelt waltz”.

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