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Westworld Season 2 Trailer Released


Great news! The trailer for the second season of Westworld was released at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend. This HBO Science Fiction / Western TV show made waves in 2016 with it’s shocking themes, strong storyline, great acting and visual effects.

Sadly the show will only return to your TV screens in 2018, but it’s because the production is enormously challenging and ambitious and so is the writing (according to Jonathan Nolan, one of the show’s creators). This means that the show makers are definitely making sure that they don’t fudge up the second season (and that means that I can let out a sigh of relief).

There’s no dialogue at all in the trailer. It features the Sammy Davis Jr standard ‘I’ve Gotta Be Me’ playing over startling shots of Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) standing over the body of a rotting animal and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) in Beast Mode picking off park visitors with her pistol and a few other disturbing, yet thought-provoking things.

According to Jonathan Nolan: “If the first season was defined by control, the second season is defined by chaos, That’s part of what we come to understand Ford has been planning all along. Ford has set in motion what he thinks is a plan. The nature of that plan is something we explore in the second season – what his intentions are. Are they to let Dolores or the other Hosts escape? Are they simply to teach the human guests a lesson?” I guess we’ll have to wait till next year to find out.

No release date has been confirmed for the second season of Westworld yet, but filming has started / is starting soon. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t turn sour.

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