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What’s Your Favourite Youth Day Song?


In honour of Youth Day 2017, Deezer, the world’s most diverse, dynamic and personal music streaming service, is asking SA music fans to share their favourite Youth Day Songs. Songs that inspire, motivate, or simply celebrate the spirit of youth in South Africa.

To kick-start the conversation, Deezer asked its four Deezer Next artists to share their favourite Youth Day songs and to explain why in a series of short videos that can be seen here.

Deezer Next, a recently launched global and local program, aims to identify and champion emerging talent, as well as to provide an avenue to expose emerging artists to new audiences exclusively on the Deezer platform.

Last month, Deezer announced its four up-and-coming South African artists, and kicked off with the first album release by Southern Wild; soon to be followed by Dominic Neil, who will release his debut album later this month. Raheem Kemetand Robin Thirdfloor are the remaining two South African Deezer Next artists who will be releasing albums in the near future.

Deezer Next represents Deezer’scommitment to the next generation of artists in South Africa, enabling a host of fresh, young new talent to reach thousands of new fans. This diverse group of Deezer Next artists are young, talented and proudly South African and Deezer is thrilled to be part of the development of the next generation of South African music.

  • When asked about Youth Day, Dominic Neil selected Youth,a song by the band Daughter that holds personal significance, as it reflects the importance of protecting our young people.
  • Southern Wild chose one of their own songs, “Lead Role”, as they explain, “because it perfectly sums up the fact that when you’re young you have the opportunity to decide whichever path you want to take to be able to live your best life.
  • Raheem Kemet’s selection of his track “The Fire” reflects his feeling that “right now music is at the centre for social change, and that music is the youth’s ‘church in the wild’,” a theme that he explores lyrically in the song.
  • Robin Thirdfloor selected DJ Fisherman’s “Happy Song feat. Big Nuz and DJ Tira” because it highlights what being young and carefree is all about, while still realizing that as much as life can get really tough, being happy still remains a choice that you can make.

Deezer invites all South Africans to share their most inspiring song for Youth Day by using the #tag #DeezerYouthDay on all our social media platforms. Get to know the NEXT generation of artist’s who we think are set for big things this year. Stream the official Deezer NEXT 2017: South Africa Playlist now!

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