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What’s happening at JARR Bar in October 2019?


Wondering what’s going down at JARR Bar & Restaurant, Pretoria’s favourite intimate live music venue in October 2019? Well, wonder no further music lover! We’ve got you covered!

September 2019 was a month that was jam-packed full of memorable performances at JARR Bar. Thanks to everyone who pulled in for JARR Bar’s 1st birthday party (which featured performances by Apocalypse Later, After Robot and Son of Hawk. That was a vet jol.

Aidan Martin at JARR Bar
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Other highlights of the month include excellent jams by the Theron & Canfield, Wonderboom Duo, Crimson House and Aidan Martin.

Some great live music is coming your way in October 2019, so make sure that you don’t out on the awesomeness…

Here’s the line-up at JARR Bar for October 2019:

  • 3 October – Nick Turner
  • 4 October – Ooth
  • 5 October – Stephen Jonathan
  • 6 October – Anthonie Van Der Walt will be doing Jack Hammer tribute (featuring some guest artists)
  • 8 October – JARR Sessions
  • 9 October – Quiz Night
  • 10 October – Latex Grenade (USA) and No Comply
  • 11 October – Basson Laubscher
  • 13 October – Valiant Swart
  • 15 October – JARR Sessions
  • 16 October – Quiz Night
  • 17 October – Bruce Mann
  • 19 October – Die Horries
  • 20 October – Neil Nachtrein Album Launch
  • 22 October – JARR Sessions
  • 23 October – Quiz Night
  • 25 October – Pretoria leg of the Dingwall Tour – Chris Danger Thundervolt is teaming up with Canadian Felipe “The Bass Invader” Gomez. They’ll be playing music made on bass guitars.
  • 26 October – Neil Young Tribute (Featuring Aidan & Johnathan Martin).
  • 27 October – Smoke Stack

In case you did not know…

Latex Grenade are a rock band from San Diego, California in the USA. They have released four studio albums on iTunes and Amazon. They’re a band that brings great passion and energy. In other words: Don’t Miss Their Show!

Felipe The Bass Invader Gomez originally hails from Santiago, Chile. He’s an award winning musician, adventurer and public speaker. He decided to take the ”touring musician “ or “troubadour” concept to a whole new level.

Gomez cycled across Canada with his 6 string bass and amp and performed his music at festivals and in schools, houses and barns (or pretty much any venue that the road offered him). I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely want to check this legend out!

Interested in attending one of the shows at JARR Bar in October 2019? Book your tickets on Quicket NOW!

Watch this space for updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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