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What’s happening at JARR Bar in September 2019?


If you think that August was an awesome month at JARR Bar & Restaurant you’ll be glad to know that this trend is extending into September 2019…

Highlights from August 2019 at JARR include Howl JB 1 (which features performances by Them Dirty Shrikes, Karoake Machine of Death and Pollinator), Johnathan Martin, Jan Blohm and the JARR Sessions (which featured an acoustic set by Son of Hawk).

Jan Blohm at JARR BAR
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Son of Hawk Acoustic at JARR Bar
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Here’s a the line-up for September 2019 at JARR Bar

  • 3 September – JARR Sessions
  • 4 September – Quiz Night
  • 5 September – The Vast Oddity
  • 6 September – Aidan Martin
  • 7 September – AC/DC / Deep Purple Tribute
  • 8 September – SA Blues Society
  • 10 September – JARR Sesions
  • 11 September – Quiz Night
  • 12 September – Johnathan Martin
  • 13 September – Son of Hawk
  • 14 September – TBA
  • 15 September – Crimson House
  • 17 September – JARR Sessions
  • 18 September – Quiz Night
  • 19 September – Stanley June
  • 21 September – Johnny Luck
  • 22 September – Wonderboom
  • 24 September – JARR Sessions
  • 25 September – Quiz Night
  • 26 September – TBA
  • 27 September – Zen Garden
  • 28 September – JARR BAR First Birthday
  • 29 September – Fleetwood Mac Tribute

There’s a whole bunch of acts that you shouldn’t miss this month! My four recommendations are as follows: Aidan Martin (one of the most underrated rock artists in SA), Son Of Hawk (because they will melt your face with good rock ‘n roll), Crimson House (because they’ll make you bounce) and Wonderboom (because they’ll rock your socks off).

Take note that tickets for shows can be bought via Quicket. Entry for the JARR Sessions & Quiz Nights are FREE. JARR Bar & Restaurant is located at Weavind Boulevard, 102 Ripley Street, Weavind Park, Pretoria.

Watch this space for updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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