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7 whiskey facts that nobody will tell you


Whiskey around the globe is one of the best alcoholic drinks. The taste is usually sensational, and the resultant feeling is unquestionably the best. But then there are certain facts that surround your favorite bottle of whiskey be it Jack Daniels, Jameson, Royal salute or Pine Creek among many others that you definitely don’t know.

Worry not, by the time you finish this article you will get to know some interesting facts about whiskey that even the regular whiskey drinkers have no idea about.

Here are 7 whiskey facts that nobody will tell you

1. Angels take their part from the whiskey

There is an old whiskey saying that usually states “if the angels can’t hold out against this luscious drink, who are we to stop them?” This is a saying that is usually connected to the 2% of whiskey that evaporates every year from the barrels it is ordinarily stored in.

This percentage is popularly known as angels share. This makes whiskey a very special drink, and most people know that this incredible drink is of the angels.’

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2. Whiskey comes from beer

Whiskey is not just a single straight process. Whiskey first undergoes the same process as beer, before being barreled, which is also referred to as whiskey wash in whiskey companies. They both come from the grain that later is transformed to hops.

The only difference is that whiskey is later distilled and then barreled. Some distilleries have stopped using hops – one of the raw materials of whiskey and beer. So whenever you are enjoying a smooth bottle of whiskey. Just know you are drinking a more refined beer.

3. Thank the barrel for whiskey’s color

Most people think that the golden color is usually the natural color of whiskey. Well, if you did not know, that is purely false. Whiskey usually mimics the color of the barrel. After distillation, whiskey is usually colorless just like water.

It is later left to begin the aging process after being poured into the barrels. This will go on until the distillery feels like it is ready for consumption. When poured out, it will have a similar color to that of the barren. The more the whiskey remains stored in the barrel, the darker it gets. This is so far a fact that most people always get wrong.

Jack Daniels Whiskey
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4. Ice ruins whiskey’s flavor

You will always find people in clubs, pubs, and restaurants being served whiskey with ice. This is the most common tradition, and it is doesn’t seem to be subsiding any day soon.

The bitter truth is that ice ruins the taste of Whiskey. It tends to make it flat, and the more the ice melts, the flatter it gets. You should instead use spring water. This will not flatten your whiskey but instead, give it a lovely aroma.

This is a trick that most people neglect, and yet it is the best. Spring water comes with a flavor that when mixed with a glass of whiskey you get a delicious drink, with an enhanced taste, and you get to enjoy better than anyone drinking whiskey with ice. Most professional whiskey drinkers never use ice.

5. Scotland is the world’s largest distillers of whiskey

Scotland is by far the best whiskey distiller in the world. They produce the finest scotch whiskey you have ever tasted. As a legend states, the Irish monks were responsible for introducing whiskey to Scotland. Some of the whiskey brands that have originated from Scotland include Glenlivet 12 which is now known as Glenlivet among many others.

Scotland and United States are the brains behind Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. The third largest distiller in Ireland who distill their whiskey thrice to give it that smooth taste, their global brand is Jameson.

Whenever you enjoy a glass of cold whiskey mixed with spring water, remember that Scotland is the home of whiskey. This means that if you are a whiskey enthusiast, there is no place you rather be but Scotland.

Talister Whiskey
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6. People rioted when whiskey was taxed for the first time

Whiskey was first taxed in 1791 by none other than Alexander Hamilton. By then whiskey was being consumed more than any other drink. People took to the streets of Pennsylvania where they rioted for the tax to be withdrawn. President George Washington had to dispatch troops to the area so that they could stop the riots.

To set an example to the rest, Hamilton convicted two notorious rebels with treason, but President George Washington later pardoned them. The tax was later repealed. This showed the true love people had for whiskey and how large its consumers were. Whiskey is now considered as one of the best revenue producing drinks in the producing countries. The drink is also one of the most highly taxed commodities in the market.

7. Whiskey prevents cancer

This will come as a monumental surprise, but it has actually been noted that whiskey can help prevent cancer. A research done by Dr. Jim Swan said that people who drink single malt whiskey get health benefits from the drink. He said that single malt whiskey has more of ellagic acids than the finest wine, more specifically red wine.

These acids help in the absorption of cancerous cells in the body thus reducing their ability to cause cancer. It was thus concluded that single malt whiskey was a good way of keeping away cancer cells. More research is being done to affirm what Dr. Swan said.

Whiskey is one of the best gentlemen’s drinks around the world. It has a unique taste that not only melts your heart but also makes you enjoy every bit of your whiskey moments. Its fame has also inspired the production of whiskey liqueur chocolates which come in a beautiful chocolate box.

The chocolates are is filled with some of the most amazing whiskey. It is the perfect gift for fathers. The above list is made of facts that you definitely did not know about whiskey. These are details when you talk about while drinking a glass of whiskey, people will think that you actually work in a distillery.

Well, there you have it, 7 facts about whiskey that nobody will tell you. I hope you feel informed.

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