Why Quality Matters When It Comes To CBD Oil

What sets the top CBD oil providers apart from the rabble? One word: quality. In a market full of CBD products and providers, quality is what matters and what differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful. 

CBD isn’t well-regulated, so the standards for CBD products have largely been set by those top providers we just mentioned. Following their standards is the best way to achieve a similar level of success. 

Why does quality matter, anyway? Isn’t all CBD the same? We’re glad you asked. Here, we’ll cover all the reasons why quality matters when it comes to CBD oil and other products, and how high-quality CBD makes a difference in sales and customer service. 


Hemp Grown in Healthy Soil 

The best place to start is at the beginning: with industrial-grade hemp. Hemp is an incredibly hardy and useful plant, with hundreds of applications besides just CBD extraction. Hemp can be used to make clothing, rope, paper, bioplastics, and even fuel. These are just a few of the plant’s uses, but the point stands: it’s versatile and hardy. 

High-quality hemp starts with healthy soil. Hemp’s roots grow deep, and they tend to absorb whatever is in their environment. 

Soil that’s contaminated with chemical pesticides or other harmful substances can contaminate the hemp itself, leading to a sub-par yield and dangerous chemicals being present in the final CBD product. 

Growing hemp in chemical-free soil that’s rich in nutrients ensures a high-quality yield and a potent final product. 

Many providers choose organically-grown domestic hemp, as regulations on the growth and cultivation of the plant are much more lax in other countries. The US has specific guidelines that make its hemp that much better.  


The higher the quality of your hemp and CBD is, the more potent your final product will be. Why does that matter? It’s simple; you don’t want to sell something with claims that it does this or that, and it turns out the oil itself is nowhere near potent enough to do so. You’re deceiving your customers and setting the bar pretty low for your brand. 

Keep in mind that your customers will be either ingesting your CBD oil or using topicals to apply it to their skin. Anything that goes on the skin or in the body should adhere to rigorous quality standards, even if every other company around you isn’t following them.

The potency of your CBD makes your product a great value and something that customers will want to continue to buy. If you want to keep your customer base happy, increase your sales, and drive more customers your way, focus on the potency and quality of your CBD. 

Penguin CBD is a great example of potency and quality. The company’s focus on both has cemented its place among the top CBD providers in the country. Take a look at its flagship product, Penguin CBD oil (view product). 


Consistency is what keeps you in business, plain and simple. If one day you’re providing high-quality CBD, and the next you’re providing a sub-par product, you better believe your customers (and the competition) will notice. 

Your customers didn’t choose your product to be shorted the next time they purchase it, and your business should be much more respectful of your customers than that. 

Keeping things consistent can be difficult with hemp, as conditions change, crop yields change, and providers may even change. Pairing up with an organic hemp farm with consistent yields can help ensure that you’re getting what you need when you need it, with no gaps in consistency. 

Your customers expect the best, so you should be giving them nothing less than that. A company that stays true and consistent is much more likely to earn the praise and loyalty of its customers, as well as attract new customers based on recommendations. 


When you charge someone money for something, they’re expecting to get the most out of their dollar. You’re not only selling a product, but you’re selling a part of you, an extension of your own company values and ideals. If your values reflect sub-par products and deception or price-gouging, you’re not going to stay in business very long. 

It’s important to remember that the word “value” doesn’t just apply to monetary value. It also applies to what your product has to offer the customer. What value can you offer them with your CBD products? What’s the difference that your products make? 

As a business, your purpose is to solve a problem for your customers. To do this, you need to offer a valuable product that you’re committed to and invested in. This dedication to providing value will help set you apart from the rest of the market and make your products the go-to CBD options in your area. 

The Competition

Your customers aren’t the only ones watching your products and your business. You can bet the competition will notice a slip-up and move to take advantage of it. Let’s say you have a slip in quality, and a few customers walk away. 

Where do you think they’ll go? They still want their needs met, so it only makes sense to go to your competitors. 

Where you’re falling short, the competition may be excelling, or at least making plans to take advantage of the gaps you have. Competition in the CBD industry is fierce, to say the least, and not just any product will do! 

Set yourself apart by providing excellent service, focusing on the quality, potency, and value of your best CBD products, and keeping an eye on what matters most: your service to the customer. 

The Bottom Line 

CBD oil quality matters not only for the sake of your business but for the continued patronage and happiness of your customers. If you want to stand out in the market, make quality your top priority. Offer only the best products and services to your customers, so they know what you have to offer is safe, effective, and priced reasonably. 

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