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Wimpy Uses Braille Burgers To Spread Message


Wimpy has recently come up with Braille Burgers. It’s not every day that a brand impresses me, but this is truly impressive.

So what exactly did they? Well, Wimpy used sesame seeds on top of their burger buns to create Braille messages for the visually impaired.

Working together with their advertising team (Metropolitan Republic) Wimpy got to work, made the buns and added one sesame seed after the other with tweezers on top of the burger buns before popping them into the oven. Each message described the meal the visually impaired costumer were about to eat “100 percent beef burger made for you.”

Wimpy Braille Burger
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Once the buns were out of the oven, the burgers were made and sent off to three key institutions for the visually impaired (including Blind South Africa).  Wimpy filmed the process and judging from the reactions in the advert, it was very well received by the institutions. The heartwarming message in the advert reads: “Sure this was a small gesture, but for people who use their hands as eyes this was the first time they could do more than just taste their food. They could see it.”

Some folks might argue that the human race is an arrogant one, but I think a campaign like this proves that humans (and South Africans) are still capable of compassion, don’t you think? It’s proof that we care.

What do you think of Wimpy’s Braille Burgers campaign? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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