2 Wimpy Menus from the Good Old Days

Things have gotten really pricey in this day and age. A Wimpy breakfast can set you back between R25 and R50 nowadays. It used to be a lot cheaper in the Good Old Days though. Wimpy is renowned for its brilliant breakfasts all over South Africa. The first Wimpy was established in 1967 in South Africa. The company was actually founded in 1934 in the USA.

The brand was introduced to the United Kingdom in 1954 as “Wimpy Bar”. Wimpy grew to approximately 1,500 locations in dozens of countries before declining to a few hundred locations in two or three countries. Its worldwide headquarters later relocated from the United States to the United Kingdom before relocating a second time to South Africa.

Wimpy South Africa

There are 500 outlets in the country. My dad told me that he used to pay 50c back in the day for a movie ticket. Nowadays it’s between R35 and R45 per ticket. Things have become really expensive in this country. Will things become cheaper in the future? I think not. Nonetheless, it’s nice to get nostalgic in this day and age. Hope you find these 2 photos interesting and insightful.

This is a Wimpy menu from 1972:

Wimpy Menu in 1972

This is a Wimpy menu from 1983:

Wimpy Menu in 1983

Watch this space for updates in the Facts category.

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  1. Leo Kritzinger

    Hi there RW!
    Sure brought back memories to this oldtimer (61) with the '72 menu. Aaaahh — those prices!
    What are the chances of getting a hi-res scan of both sides of that menu? I own a '72 Mustang Coupe — the Wimpy menu would go great with the car!

    1. RunningWolf

      Leo: Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I do not have high res scans of that menu. You might be able to obtain it from Wimpy themselves. The same photos were used on the Watkykjy website (linked on the bottom of this post).

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  3. Samantha

    Hi, I’m looking for price comparisons for items like bread, milk and petrol from the ’70s to now. Do you know how I can find old Checkers / Pick ‘n Pay leaflets or catalogues from the old days?

    1. Henno Kruger

      Sadly not, I found this online and reposted it on my site

  4. Simon Betson

    Wimpy was actually established in the United Kingdom in 1954. The first Wimpy to be opened overseas was in 1967 in South Africa.

  5. CaptainMorganR

    Gee I though Wimpy was a SA company. Now I learnt something!

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