Win Tickets to the Incubus Concert in Pretoria!

In case you forgot, Incubus are touring South Africa later this month and it promises to be one of the most amazing musical experiences of 2018.

Music fans can also look forward to a stellar line-up of local artists who will be warming up the crowds. The supporting acts for the Cape Town show are Southern Wild, BRYNN and Retro Dizzy and Pretoria concert goers will be warmed up Southern WildHellcatsDan Patlansky, BCUCCortina Whiplash.

Win Tickets to the Incubus Concert in Pretoria! 3

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited out of my skin! I’ve been waiting since about 2001 to see Incubus live – If I could jump over the moon, I would! Maybe the fact that my birthday is on the same day as the Incubus show in Pretoria has something to with my excitement, who knows?

Here’s your chance to score tickets to the Pretoria Incubus concert:

Yes, that’s right folks! Running Wolf’s Rant is giving away a double ticket to the Pretoria Incubus Concert! All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below and tell us WHAT you’d be willing to do to get your rock music loving paws on these tickets. The person with the most creative imagination will be declared as the winner of the tickets.

Take note that this competition is NOT open to under 18’s. This competition closes on the 15th of February 2018 at midnight. The winner will be notified via the comment section below on Friday the 16th of February 2018.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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Henno Kruger

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  1. Kyle

    Great day.

    Seeing that I am a giant incubus fan and willing to do virtually anything to see them live, I am willing to accept ANY challenge Henno will throw my way. I am willing to record this in the name of RW rant.

    Furthermore. I will indicate how thankful I am for this gracious opportunity by printing a RWrant t-shirt complimented by my tigersuit to the show. All of this will be recorded for the world to enjoy.

    Incase this wasn’t enough. I will distribute drink coupons that will enable me to buy Henno a drink any time he sees me until all coupons is used.

    I hope my dream to see this band will come true for I am a dedicated fan.

  2. Leathicia

    If it wasn’t against the law, I’d go streaking down Burnette Street, “up through the quad to the gymnasium”. Hahahahahaha!!!
    But, since I can’t do that….I’d be willing to be your designated driver for your birthday!

  3. Ryan

    I will literally not speak to Michael Bower for a whole month.

    1. Henno Kruger

      Hahaha who’s going to cry in their sleep first? You or Mike?

  4. Alta

    Ek sal my Tequila opgee! En jul wret hoe erg is ek oor my Tequila..

  5. Combrinck Lombard

    Ek sal n unlimited hoeveelheid Jack Daniels Honey shots koop vir al die photographers wat by die show is.. 😛

    1. Leathicia

      Can I please be a photographer then that night…lol

  6. Werner

    Hi,,, so my Sister inlaw bought me an Incubus Ticket for my birthday, why is this significant? Well, let me tell you; her and I are probably the biggest fans of Incubus in SA. I have followed their music and literately grew up With Incubus’s music. When I taught her how to play guitar, Incubus was always the influence and motivation. My Sister bought ONE TICKET just for me to see them live, because that’s all she can afford. We are struggling musicians, just trying to get by on what we love. It would mean so much to take her with me to see, in my opinion, the best band in the world.!!!!!

  7. Maligae ( Nini )

    Hey Henno the 16th is my birthday I’v got the ID to prove it, I woud be forever ( a year) in your dept( personal slave: illustrator / animator + I’m grate at baking) for those tickets.

    Creative wise I would attend the concert dressed only in my underwear and a wolf head to promote your website offcourse 😉

      1. Maligae ( Nini )

        P.S. I’m turning 28

  8. Toyah Bush

    I owe a lot to Incubus for getting me through some really rough times growing up!

    I will basically do anything! You name it, I’ll do it! Won’t even think twice or hesitate!

    This is the concert of a lifetime.. I can’t miss it.. I won’t! I will never be able to live with myself otherwise!

    Please pick me! You have no idea how much this would mean to me!

    **Fingers Crossed**

      1. Toyah Bush

        Only a pleasure! Will be a dream come true!!!!!!

  9. Toyah Bush


    So I’ve been giving it a lot of thought as to what I would do and I was like.. Wait! I know!

    Incubus could announce that I come up during one of their songs.. I’d go up there and would 100% stage dive into the crowd!

    How friggin’ awesome!!!

      1. Toyah Bush

        Nerve racking but would be a crazy experience.. One I’d never forget & will tell our children one day Coolest mom ever!!!!

  10. Daniel Kemp

    Because the platypus both secretes milk and lays eggs, it’s the only animal that can produce its own custard….
    I would happily test Platypus Custard for Incubus tickets

  11. My wife is a mad Incubus fan, and a fan of live music in general. I’ve been playing bass for 25 years (it’s actually the reason we met). To win the tickets for her I’d learn her favorite Incubus song, “Stellar”, and if you can hook it up, I’d get up there and play it with them.

    1. Henno Kruger

      Hi Chereen – CONGRATULATIONS! You are the winner of the tickets 🙂 See you next week Saturday at the Voortrekker Monument

      1. Toyah Bush

        Congrats!!!! Wow you are one lucky girl!!!!

  12. Toyah Bush

    I’ll get the same crow from their cd cover (A crow left of the murder) tattoo’d on me!!

      1. Toyah Bush

        I have the design ready.. Hand me those tickets & I will go get under the gun! Right on my forearm.. Memories to last forever! No regrets!

  13. Penny

    There basically isn’t anything farfetched that my friend and I won’t do for Incubus. We are both musicians so obviously we are cash strapped. But we have seriously considered doing the following to get Incubus tickets:

    1) Sell a kidney each on the black market- although they maybe semi functioning, if we put both of ours up, they’re bound to make a functioning pair

    2) Open a temporary massage palour that offers happy endings- that being some money in the bank
    3) Go really proudly South African and get a blesser. We’ve already scouted some potentials

    4) As a last resort, find a special individual who gets off on being tortured and truly give them one hellish experience they’ll never forget, which ultimately ends in them buying us those tickets! (2 for the price of one)

    We’ve literally followed their career for the passed decade, from fungus amungas to adolescence.. We know their songs and can even go as far as performing them in HDplease pic us!!! From 2 ‘incubated’ souls.. Shard and Pen❤️❤️

  14. Sylvia Nel

    I will be the Succubus to your Incubus and together we can conquer sleeping bodies :o)

  15. runningwolfsa

    Thanks to everyone who entered the competition. I will be announcing the winner tomorrow before 12 noon 🙂

    1. Toyah Bush

      Oh my gosh.. My nerves! First thing I did this morning was come check to see if the winner (praying it’s me) has been announced! Saying my prayers!

  16. Sylvia Nel

    so? did I win? 😀

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