Win tickets to the 2018 edition of Mieliepop festival

Great news music fans! The 2018 edition of Mieliepop festival is happening at Tolderia Resort (near Lothair in Mpumalanga) from the 21st to the 24th of March.

In case you did not know, The Republic of Mieliepop offers a laid back 4 day musical festival experience with over 90 acts performing on 6 different stages, catering for a wide variety of musical tastebuds. The festival also takes place at an one-of- a-kind picturesque venue in Mpumalanga, complete with lakes, swimming pools, caves, green lawns and luxurious ablutions facilities filled with beautiful, friendly festival goers.

Win tickets to the 2018 edition of Mieliepop festival 5

I’ve been in love with Mieliepop since the first time I made my way there in 2011 and I’m already infactuated with this year’s edition thanks to its stellar line-up. Check it out below and you’ll see what I mean:

2lani The WarriorAfrican Rhythm, Albert Meintjies, Alex Dalais, Andi Dill, ANG, Apocalypse Later, The Black Cat Bones, Bongani Zulu, b2b Khathu MustBombshelter Beast, Boo!Boxer, Bruce Loko, Chee, Cortina WhiplashCrimson House, David & Goliath, Deon Bakkes & the Stolen HorsesDie SeeDiscoD&SDogstarr, Dsco Cam x Duard MuskDZ Deathrays (Australia), Easy FreakFabio, Femi Koya, George Daniel,  GeorgetownGForce, Greg Georgiades, Gunshot Blue, Guy Herman, HaezerHalf & Half vs Random CitizenHalf SisterHeadphaseHellcats, Hello  BeautifulInvizable, Julia Robert, Jonathan Peyper Trio, Josh Kempen, Klopjag, LeeuLumaNative YoungMade For BroadwayMetro Ticket, Me_TMiki San TzuMissuMoejoe vs Dr Khumalo, Moonchild Sanelly, Mvelo, Nick Hamman vs Lil Bow, OG Chocolate, Radio 123Rainman & RhepulsRambling BonesRaygun RoyaleRetro Dizzy, Ricardo Pinto, Runaway Nuns, Stephane Marais, Strait-JackalSol GemsSound SensibleSutherlandThe MothsThe ShabsThe Sun Xa ExperimentThe ValleyTrancemicsoulVan Pletzen ft Early B, Werner Bekker, Weston & Engine b2b Karen Oney, Wolfgang Marrow and Zionruts Family.

There are so many brilliant acts on this line-up and I don’t even know how to start describing my excitement. There’s so much variety and so many acts that I want to see – I think should invest in an extra pair of legs or a clone to enable myself to watch them all.

Win tickets to the 2018 edition of Mieliepop festival 6

Tickets are selling like hotcakes and if you don’t have yours yet, you can buy your Mieliepop ticket HERE. Earlybird tickets have already sold out, so general admission tickets will set you back R750 for the whole weekend. There are also luxury camping / hotel options available.

Here’s your chance to win tickets to Mieliepop 2018:

Yes folks, we are giving away a double ticket to this amazing festival! To enter, leave a comment below and let us know what you’d be willing to do to get your music-loving paws on these tickets.

Take note that this competition is NOT open to under 18’s. This competition closes on the 28th of February 2018 at midnight. The competition winner will be notified in the comment section below on the morning of the 1st of March 2018.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.

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Henno Kruger

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    I Machiel Daniel van Heerden being of sound mind hereby pledge that I am willing to enjoy myself 100% at mielipop drink great amounts of alcohol.. Be kind to people at mielipop.and for that matter everywhere on earth.. I will.. Support as much band’s and live music as humanly possible.. Not fight with my wife or any living creature and plant…. I hereby commit myself to not be a doos and just be lekker. So help me God

  2. Lizelle

    I would do a strip dance on the hill and do back and forward flips…. 🙂 My ears will make love to the music and it will be like a dream come too… !!!!!!

  3. Beth

    I will sacrifice myself as worst dancer tribute to give everyone else at the festival the biggest gaddamn ego boost what more can I even offer?

  4. Gugu Madlabane

    So I really like mielies. But like every kind of mielies: corn on the cob, sweet corn, corn flakes, popcorn (I could live on popcorn really…), braai mielies, boiled mielies, mielies in my salad, even pap (ok I could live without pap but I grew up eating it as a staple)!
    And I’m especially crazy about Mieliepop!!!
    I found those popcorn chairs last year by the food stalls and I wanted to live in that seat forever!
    Right here, right now I am making a promise on the interwebs that I will cut any and all corn products out of my diet for a month if I could go to Mieliepop.
    This is huge because I’m going to watch Black Panther on Friday and I’m gonna do it without popcorn…

  5. Niel van Eeden

    Dear Heno Kruger,

    In 2015 I met this girl, she was my best friend’s best friend and we couldn’t stand each other. The first time I met her was at a @Francois van Coke gig where I kept throwing her in the face with ice. The second time was a few months later at a @Bittereinder show at @mystic boer potchefstroom where she threw up on my shoes because, I guess, karma. We saw each other quite a few more times at several live music shows and eventually we started texting. She was trying to use me for free lodging during Jool and I was obviously enjoying the attention.

    A few months later we started seeing each other and went on our first actual “date” to Mieliepop in 2016. There was this moment, between intoxication, the sunset, good music and the view where I accidentally whispered “I love you” to her and only afterwards realised that I actually meant it.

    After that we attended a crazy amount of music shows and festivals together, but each time reminiscing back to Mieliepop and how absolutely perfect that weekend was.

    In 2017, I started working and I was in a very fortunate position to pay for my lady and I to spend our anniversary at Mieliepop without her having to contribute any dollars, only the perfect company.

    This year I am studying once again which means that I am broke AF, like I literally stole a role of toilet paper the other day. It would be so amazing to surprise her with these tickets to Mieliepop 2018 so we can once again spend another anniversary where it all started.

    I am willing to buy as much alcohol I possibly can with with the remaining money I have (at least 2 cases of beer, “black label sê die bybel”) and I promise to finish every single drop. We will party every day as if it were our last and won’t go to bed before the last music event every morning even if I have to piggyback her all the way (“sleep is for the weak, and we will never rest till we’re all f@#$ing dead”), I am even willing to steal another role of toilet paper… I don’t want to miss a single Mieliepop Anniversary as it is our perfect festival, watch me, I’m gonna marry this girl.

    1. Henno Kruger

      Hi Niel – Congratulations! You are the winner of the tickets! The organisers will get in touch with you 🙂

      1. Leathicia

        Congrats Niel

      2. Niel van Eeden

        Whaaaat!? AWESOME MAN thanx a lot!

  6. Sune

    Man, ek kom straight van die see af om hierdie fees weer te kom enjoy saam met al die lekkerste mense wat die land oplewer. Dit sal nogals amazing wees as ek nie vir kaartjies ook moet opdok nie.

  7. Chanelle

    I would go a year without coffee… Which would be very hard considering I drink at least 2 cups a day. But I can do it for Miele pop. Had amazing memories from last year

  8. Aaisha Kallier

    Hi Mielies!

    To get free tickets? We’ll I wouldn’t say I’d do ANYTHING, but I would do a lot! I’d get a tattoo inspired by mielies, I’d paint something in honor of the amazing festival, Or I’d cut my hair and dye it like….purple or something. I would put my cat felix in a mielie suit and post pictures of him. I would even do a body art photo inspired by meilies.

  9. Reinette

    I cant think of something awesome right now, but will sleep on it!! We are pretty hard up for tickets, so I’ll check in again tomorrow!!

  10. Bradley

    I’d eat an ice cream with tuna and sardine sprinkles.

  11. Karabo

    I would sacrifice sleep for two days straight and I am known for loving my sleep.. thanks to my two left feet I would gladly dance on stage for all to see..but I do promise to eat as much meilies as possible for the whole event.

  12. Misha

    What’s up PielieMop

    So 2 years ago I took my brother to our first one right, and I don’t know if you know but he made a name for himself as ‘that fucked pool guy’ we plan on going again but I’ll make sure to look after my family better this year and make sure we all enjoy this festival to its fullest extent by pacing ourselves and actually getting some sleep this time. Festivals like this are too much fun!

  13. Jacques Celliers

    My brother is a student at the University of Stellenbosch and it’s been difficult to get him this side for this beautiful festival. If I win tickets I would be willing to fly him up for the festival, but unbeknownst to him I’m gonna have him dressed up as a big ass mielie all weekend.

  14. Kerry Britz

    Bring out the Doc Martins, start exercising my drinking arm and buy waterproof mascara .
    Most likely out party my boyfriend No worse bump into his old band mates and have to keep up with all of them, for the whole weekend.
    Broke, Sleep deprived ,hanging , hungry, toilets without toilet paper , running out of cigarettes, making memories , new friends ,rocking the earth completely full of dust and having to soak in antiseptic bath for a week to feel clean afterwards.

    Festivals …..Hectic man….. Yeah let’s make some bad decisions.
    Well that’s pretty much what I would do.

  15. Scott

    I will flash my boobs, a brown eye, air guitar, take one in the bumbling for the team and shoot patty pans out my bum

  16. Sylvia Nel

    I would do ANYTHING for love (tickets), but I wont do THAT!

  17. Julanie Stapelberg

    “Gooi meilies!” and other corny phrases.
    Is exactly what I’d holler in my DIY Mieliepop outfit.
    Since 18 years of age I had to be financially independent. I worked as I studied and completed my undergrad, honours and now Masters in Biotechnology. Although I am incredibly grateful- my varsity experience was limited. It has been five years at University and not once have I attended a musical festival. I just cheered on as all my friends left, eagerly awaiting their stories upon their bushed return. I love nature, parties, music! And mieliepop has it all… and more… it has a rave cave!
    This year might be my last year in a South African university, my last chance to experience my dream of jamming out at a music festival. If I win tickets I vouch that I will DIY a mieliepop outfit, become an eager mieliepop mascot and PARTY with everyone to the beat, swimming in the dams and encourage everyone to have an aMAIZEing time!

    I mean……a RAVE CAVE!!!

  18. Marnél

    To get my music-loving paws on some Mieliepop tickets I would go full-out all mielie. I would dye my hair a corn stalk green and for the whole time at Mieliepop I’ll walk around with a yellow shirt with corn stalks all over it on, calling it a crop top. And I’ll keep them corny jokes coming for the whole of the festival. I’m dead serious about my mielies.

  19. Sarah Newman

    Dear Henno,

    Unfortunately I can’t write you a song this year as all my time has been dedicated to completing my masters dissertation. However, this is now done and dusted and I am a master of insects (cool, right?) So, in exchange for a double ticket, I am willing to dedicate my dissertation to Mieliepop Festival, where I will be celebrating this milestone in the glorious style that only us biologists can!

    Please make the past two years of head trauma worthwhile. What is that piece of paper with a degree written on it worth without the bragging rights to go with it, and an out-of-this-world party?

    Do the right thing.

  20. Kristlee Beckwith

    Hmmm… What I would do to have the annual mielie popped for absolute frizzle I will speak for frizzle in terms of snoop drizzle for any amount of tizzle it takes to impressizzle!
    I could go on foresizzle. Come sunshine or drizzle.
    Please please may I have the double tickizzles! It would honestly make me the happiest lil rizzle of mieliepopping extravaganza and sizzle!

  21. Leathicia

    My Mieliepop Ode – by Leathicia Venter

    Oh… if I get to go to Mieliepop
    A dream, it’d be come true!
    I would dance until I drop,
    And roll down the hills too!

    I’d swim in the beautiful lakes,
    The rewards will be real sweet.
    As long as there are no fakes,
    Everyone I’d love to meet!

    Like the coolest kid in school,
    just listening to the music…
    I’ll be chilling in a pool,
    I’ll be drowning in acoustic.

    Along and over the rolling hills,
    I will quickly find my way.
    Take a jacket to avoid the chills,
    All my life I’d want to stay.

    The caves are apparently a moerse jol,
    I hear the vibe is epic!
    This will be great for my soul,
    And my skin against the brick.

    And if I were to meet a man,
    That would not be too shabby.
    I’m sure we can make a plan,
    As long as his name’s not Abbey.

    90 acts, 6 stages in 4 days
    This wants to be done
    The only thing that can change my ways
    Will be that it has begun

    You will never catch me nappin’
    Trying to seize every minute!
    But all this can only happen…..
    If RWR let’s me win it!!!

      1. Leathicia

        You’re welcome! But I had a lot of fun writing that, so thank YOU!

  22. Monike Krohnert


    OKAY! SO- you wanna know what I would be willing to do to get on DEEEZ TICKETS!? (like in DZ Deathrays and also DEEEZ NUTS) a hand washes a hand right? So howz about I will LICK THE GRILL OF THE MIELIEPOP TRUCK! Why is this cool? Because firstly – it’s flipping gross, secondly, have you ever looked at the grill of a car to see the kinds of things that are stuck on there. And lastly why is this worth 2 tickets? It’s funny and I don’t personally possess a filter so maybe a few good thing will rub off on me. Would you lick the grill after the truck has travelled through buddah knows what on it’s way to go joll with all the cool kids? PEOPLE WITH A TASTE FOR LIFE!

  23. Jacques

    So one of my best mates, Mike Addison, has been living it up in Australia recently and he decided he can’t miss Mieliepop because of course he can’t. He has now challenged me to doing a shoey in true Aussie fashion during DZ Deathrays set if I win tickets. Please let me not disappoint with this challenge☝

  24. Henno Kruger

    Thanks to everyone who entered this competition. Your entries were great 🙂

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