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Win tickets to the 24 February 2019 edition of Park Acoustics


Great news! The 2nd edition of Park Acoustics for 2019 is happening on the 24th of February at Fort Schanskop in Pretoria. Fort Schanskop is located in the Voortrekker Monument Nature Reserve.

This edition of Park Acoustics will feature performances by Jeremy Loops, Femi Koya, Bye Beneco, Diamond Thug, Red Robyn and Chunda Monkey.

There will also be stand-up comedy at the Sunset Comedy Stage. This edition’s stand-up comedians are Schalk  Bezuidenhout, King Nqoba and Farhan Eshat.

Park Acoustics - 24 Feb 2019
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Info about the artists who are performing

Jeremy Loops needs no introduction. He’s back in SA after having a massive 2018. He toured the world and opened for acts like Milky Chance, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pixies, Editors and The Roots.

Femi Koya is the new face of the African Renaissance. He combines Afrobeat and Jazz, Gospel and Blues, West African highlife with a nostalgic Sophiatown flavour. His music is a rich blend of deep and sultry jazz and contemporary groove.

Bye Beneco hail from Johannesburg. They are an eclectic dream-pop sensation. Their sound stems from various styles with the intention to forever evolve.

Diamond Thug hail from Cape Town. Since their formation they have continually evolved. They’re always striving to create a unique sound from their unique perspective. Their music floats through genres like Pop, Electronica and Psych-Rock.

Red Robyn is a Durban based singer-songwriter. She fearlessly navigates the alternative music scene in South Africa, gaining fans as she tests herself and her artistry by allowing herself to experiment with different sounds.

Chunda Munki will be spinning some tunes after the bands stop playing. He is known for creating sexy groove filled, jacked up beats with just the right amount of energy to keep you on your toes.

Take note of these Park Acoustics rules

Parking costs R15 per car and is payable at the gate of the nature reserve. No under 18’s will be allowed except if they’re accompanied by their parents. Proof of identification required on request. No copies, photo’s or temporary documents will be accept as proof.

No glass is allowed in the festival area, so pour your booze into plastic bottles or buy cans. Please leave your weapons, illegal substances, domestic animals and bad vibes at home.

Park Acoustics
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Park Acoustics ticketing info

Early bird tickets have already been sold out for this event, but you can still get general tickets for R180. Tickets at the gate will set you back R200. Buy your tickets on the Park Acoustics website, or try your luck in our competition…

We are giving away a double ticket for this edition of Park Acoustics!

To stand a chance to win a double ticket for this edition of Park Acoustics, leave a comment below and tell us HOW you would explore your inner Jeremy Loops / Femi Koya. The more creative you get, the better.

This competition closes on the 19th of February 2019 at midnight and the winner will be notified in the comment section below on the 20th of February 2019. Take note that this competition is NOT open to under 18’s.

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  1. I will be in total trance just indulging the love of my wife for Mr Loops! Also I shall stay cool sitting under her waterfall of drool for his pure talent…

  2. We will jive to the sweet sweet African Jazz Femi Koya tunes whilst our lips are hanging on his voice and ears soothed by the smooth sound of his SAX… Would love to hear these epic vibrations live at PA 😀

  3. Exploring my inner Jeremy Loops would be easy. I’d just close my eyes and feel the music. So will be wearing comfortable shoes for sure.

  4. Exploring my inner Jeremy Loops by listening to Milky Chance, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pixies, Editors and The Roots.

  5. Never before have I been to park acoustics- six years of studying/living in Pretoria and soon I will move away. So if I win tickets, bless my little heart, but I need to make this experience, THE experience. The sound of the sax, let the beat beat beat of Femi Koya release me from my musical coma, for “What if we could go where our dreams are realized?” to Park Acoustics where my hair will fly loose, heart free and happy dancing with strangers, with newfound friends- spurring the vibe on. “They say the greatest things in life are free, And I believe it”, yes we’ll make the moment lit, “let’s believe it!”

  6. To explore my inner Femi Koya, I would head to a secluded place in the bushveld with my friends, listen to his soul-full music on his saxophone and just start jiving. Femi Koya brings true happiness to my soul and makes my heart so full. Thank you for being so spiritful #onelove

  7. I will sing at the top of my lungs, discarding how ridiculous I may look. I will put my Loops shoes on and jump until my feet ache – and then jump some more! I’ll shazam all the other artists’ songs, reveling in their great additions to my playlists! I can’t wait for the sultry jazz instruments that Femi Koya’s performance is bound to bring! It shall be epic!

  8. So excited for the Park Acoustic with Jeremy Loops and Femi Koya. Imagining being there and listening to the sound of the saxophone with my friends, I have already received chills just thinking about it. I have never been to a Park Acoustic before but I believe the 24th of Feb would be amazing..

    Milky Chance! and Red Hot Chilli Peppers!! – So excitinG

    I will definitely be dancing and jamming with friends – Yaaaas!!

    Looking forward to seeing you guys on the 24th!

  9. How would I explore my inner Jeremy Loops and Femi Koya, you ask? Like any tactical team, my best friend and I will tackle this event in practical stages.
    First we prepare for our man, Femi. No one but us could jam more to Babalawo (you should see us dance – at my last parks I tore my knee ligaments dancing and would happily do so again!) Dancing, outfits, good vibes and happiness are the name of the game.
    Releasing our inner South African, plus alcohol and the probable need to recover from our Friday test will move us into stage two where we jam to the Loops himself.
    We worship Mr Loops. He is even dating one of our own (and what a great choice, we must say) so he knows our struggle. From our weekly early morning carpools, we know all his lyrics and sing loudly to prove it. What more could we do for him than go straight into the belly of the beast? You’ll find us front row, with smiles on our faces and Waves on our lips. Yes it will be a long day for him being worshipped by his number one fans but we promise to sit down for a rest once or twice and sway to the beat of the other amazing artists.
    24 February, we will be there come rain or come shine. Hopefully we can do it with two free tickets and the extra money for libations.

    • Hi Rachel – The organizers will email them to you on the e-mail address you used on the comment 🙂 Check the SPAM folder (if you don’t see it in your Inbox).


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