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WordPress: 5 of the Most Eye-Opening Statistics


Even if you are not a techie or a web developer, there is a high chance that you heard about WordPress. For a while now, this CMS has dominated the world of web-related industries. According to WordPress statistics, this system is the platform of choice for more than a third of all websites out there.

So what is the situation with WordPress in South Africa? Does the country follow global trends when it comes to web development? South Africa is famous for being the Land of Opposites. Due to the rocky past and complex socio-economic factors, web-based businesses are still in their early days.

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Yet, WordPress, together with e-commerce, is gaining momentum in this part of the world as well. That said, here are the most prominent WordPress statistics related to South Africa.

1. WordPress powers 79,44% of websites in South Africa. This information comes from Hetzner Online, the leading web hosting company in the country

What’s more, the second CMS on the list (Wix) has a market share of only 12.33%, while the third candidate (Joomla) has 2.83%. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that WordPress dominates the proceedings when it comes to web development in South Africa.

2. 3.61% of the top million websites worldwide are using WooCommerce, a plugin that comes from South Africa

WooThemes, a company based in Cape Town, is behind this well known WordPress plugin. The software itself first appeared back in September 2011. Over the years, it turned into a massive player on the global ecommerce scene. To be precise, WordPress statistics say that websites with WooCommerce reached $10-15 billion in sales.

3. The total revenue of e-commerce sites in South Africa will amount to $3.8 million in 2020

Speaking of e-commerce, we should mention that the annual growth of this sector in South Africa has a rate of 6.7%. Of course, electronics and media are the most significant sector, with an estimated value of $1.1 million.

Once again, it is easy to see that WordPress has a massive impact on the economy of the state.

4. South Africa has around 31.18 million active internet users

As we said, South Africa is a country of contradictions, but the rise of the web-based industry is easy to see. The startup culture is gaining momentum, and the same applies to mobile technologies. To be precise, 35% of the total population in South Africa uses a smartphone.

Without a doubt, the rise of modern technologies opens lots of possibilities for savvy investors. Likewise, the IT industry could open thousands of job opportunities in the years to come.

5. 66% of the population in South Africa believes that the digital world brings more opportunities than risks.

In general, South Africans seem to be optimistic about the future. After all, two-thirds of them have the impression that the rise of the internet is a good thing. Digital usage in South Africa is growing at a rapid rate, and WordPress can take a lot of credit for this phenomenon.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, WordPress is a powerful piece of software. How could it not be when more than 20 million people downloaded its latest version (5.3). Likewise, the latest stats show that this platform has a market share of 35.3% when it comes to the top 1 million websites.

Millions of new posts are being created even as we speak, and South African companies are joining the gold rush.

Admittedly, WordPress comes with its own set of risks and issues. For instance, WordPress statistics show that 52% of weak spots are related to plugins. Either way, South African experts should be more than capable of tackling any issue that the IT sector throws at them. 


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