10 WordPress Plugins that will enhance your website ranking

Wondering which WordPress Plugins you should be installing on your blog? This article features 10 you should consider using.

It’s a fact that when you create a WordPress blog, you must take adequate steps to ensure that your blog is friendly for the search engines. It is a necessity for your website to rank. So, what are the steps that you are taking to ensure that your WordPress blog is search engine friendly?

In case you do not have an appropriate answer to this question, it is time you take a step back and re-examine your situation. However, if you have already taken some measures, it is quite possible that after reading this post, you’ll feel the need to make amendments in your strategy.

WordPress blogs are believed to be incredibly SEO friendly. Today, there are thousands of WordPress SEO plugins available for you to choose from. However, you need to assure that you only do the additions that will help you escalate to the next level. From XML Sitemap to the WordPress SEO by Toast, there are a couple of WordPress SEO plugins that you’ll need to get there.

So, here, I am going to discuss with you the top 10 WordPress Plugins which you can include in your blog to improve the ranking of your website.

Wordpress Plugins

Be assured that with the addition of these plugins, you are going to achieve massive success on the search engine. So, let’s get started.

Here are 10 WordPress Plugins that will enhance your website ranking:

1. Yoast SEO

Saksham Anand, who works with TFTH and provides assignment help Australiasays that whenever there is a mention of SEO, you will see an ocean of possibilities. However, when it comes to lead generation strategies, SEO is your holy grail, and it might be a bit difficult for you to execute the perfect SEO strategy without the involvement of the right tools. For this, there is a Yoast SEO plugin.

This WordPress plugin is incredibly helpful in optimizing the posts by way of a handy checklist. Using this plugging, you can be assured of exploiting the maximum from your website SEO. It is primarily done with the help of aspects such as breadcrumb navigation, XML Sitemaps, snippet previews, and more. Based on these aspects, you can determine the performance of your website on the search engine.

2. Monster Insights

The analytics of the website is of prime importance. However, you don’t want to spend days trying to analyze the data on the site. To help you with this, we have the perfect plugin, i.e. the Monster Insights. With the Monster Insights, checking the statistics of your website has been simplified.

This Google Analytics plugin gives you adequate statistics on the  the WordPress dashboard. Just install this plugin on your WordPress website, and you’ll no longer have to stress about checking the analytics of your website. As a result of this, you can focus on primary aspects like creating a post without being distracted.

3. WordPress Local SEO

When you own a business, this plugging is of great use. The WordPress Local SEO is helpful in the listing of the company locally. As a result of this, the local search ranking of your website will improve. When you use this plugging, you optimize the local listing, and this ensures that your site has a listing in over 50 websites.

Samir Rajwansh, who offers online homework help and receives multiple requests from students wanting to ‘pay someone to do my programming homework’, says that this plugging will give you a competitor keyword spy tool, keyword research tool and offer you substantial content submission websites which you can use to improve the visibility of your website in the local searches.

4. Easy Appointments

It can be quite daunting when you have to draft a proposal to book an appointment and then spend hours together for the proposal of the appointment, and despite that, there will always be some rejections and rescheduling. So, what can you do? It is time you take charge yet be smart about your appointments. There is an intelligent plugin called the Easy Appointments which can help you sort out all your worries regarding your appointments. This plugin is incredibly easy to use even with multiple workers, services and location. It is handy and allows for flexible time management.

5. Thrive Leads

If you have found out, which is the best performing page on your website, it is time you make it conversion optimized. Sanyam, who receives a lot of requests from students who want to buy college essays online owns a WordPress blog and says that Conversion rate optimization used to be an extremely tricky task till he found out about Thrive Leads. This WordPress plugin ensures that whoever visits your website has the best and most user-friendly experience. With the help of this plugging, you can create compelling landing pages along with the opt-in forms to attract more leads and subscribers.

6. Inbound Now

Are you seeking some action on your website? The success of your website largely depends on your website’s CTA buttons. Using the Inbound Now plugin, you can create the CTA for your website. This plugin is helpful when you wish to create and customize some templates. You can also monitor the stats of performance and run A/B rests.

7. Hello Bar

Every time a pop up opens on the site, the users feel annoyed. It is true that lead generation is pivotal for your business, but you cannot do that at the stake of better user experience. Thus, you will need the Hello Bar plugin on your WordPress website.

Sagar Mukherjee, who is working with PaperDoers, time and again receives requests from the students who wish to buy term paper online says, that he has been using the Hello bar on his blog for a while now.

In his experience, it is by far, the smartest way of increasing the leads on the website without hampering the user experience. You must integrate the hello bar in the header of your site for the best results.

8. Unbounce

You need better lead generation for the progress of your website. So, to help you with it, there is an Unbounce plugin which enables you to develop customized landing pages. You can manage all the pages on your website with this WordPress plugin.

9. WordPress Super Cache

Sakshi who did an excellent Animoto review on her WordPress website, says that with the use of the super cache tool she has been able to make her website load incredibly fast for the visitors. The plugin produces the static HTML files for non-logged-in users making the pages load faster.

10. Optimizely

Ravikant, who took multiple online courses from a portal called TrumpLearninghas his WordPress blog and says that ever since he has included the Optimizely plugin in his website, the performance of the site has improved for the better. This plugin helps you run the experiments on the website without actually logging in to it. It is the perfect way to enhance the performance of the website. You can test what works better for your site at the backend and then implement it if it feels satisfactory to you.

So, these according to us are the top 10 WordPress Plugins that will help you enhance the ranking of your website. If you have more WordPress Plugins to add to the list, do let us know in the comments below.

FYI: If you’re struggling to create a website that’s user friendly, you should think about contacting a UX service design agency.

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