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7 Useful Addons for World of Warcraft


I have been playing World of Warcraft since 2006, but I’ve never mentioned which addons I’ve been using over the years or which addons I recommend for players. Addons do make this game a hell of a lot easier. Some addons are just essential when playing World of Warcraft. Today’s post includes a list of addons that will make your life easier in the game and will make your World of Wacraft look a lot cooler than the original. Patrick from France used to his own segment on the World of Warcraft podcast, The Instance which I found very interesting. Unfortunately Patrick has taken a job at Blizzard and is not doing his segment anymore on the podcast.

Before I start listing these addons, just a note that this is what I prefer that there are other similar addons to some of these out there. Some people just prefer some addons over others. Most World of Warcraft addons are quite easy to set up, so I’m not going to into too much details on how to set up them up. If you’re able to log into the game without someone typing in your password for you, you should be able to set these up. I’ve included links to the addon websites so you have the option to read more about them. You will usually find shortcuts for these addons on your map window in the game. If not, then the addon might require you to type in a “/” type command on your interface to access.

Here is a list of 7 addons one can not live without in World of Warcraft:

  • Bartender: This action bar addon allows you manipulate the action bars and other related bars in the game to your liking. With this addon you have options to move bars around, resize them, set the amount of buttons or rows in them, etc. Very useful indeed. To assign hotkeys to buttons on the bars is fairly easy as well.
  • Omen Threatmeter: This addon is very useful to monitor the amount of aggro / threat your character is generating during Instance runs or Raids. I’ve never heard of a World of Warcraft raider who doesn’t use this addon. Most do. Very easy to set up. The Omen window is resizable and movable.
  • Recount: This addon is used to display the amount of damage (and damage per second) or healing done by your character / all characters in your party. Very useful information. It’s a nice way to monitor whether your new gear or spec is doing more damage or healing on your character. Various other information is also gathered by Recount.
  • XPerl Unit Frames: This addon is based on Perl (Another Unit frame addon) but with extra features. I use this because the unit frames are highly customizable and movable and it’s fairly easy to set up. Many different unit frames are included in this addon. For instance, it features a Target of Target frame which indicates which party member the target is attacking. Very useful in an Instance run or a Raid.
  • Simple Mini Map: This map addon is very useful to players. It allows users drag the minimap anywhere on their UI, hide and move the default buttons on the minimpa, zoom in and out of the map with their mouse wheel, adjust the scale of the minimap’s scale, adjust the shape of the map, etc. This is simply an addon that I can not live without. I’ve probably been using Simple Mini Map since 2006.
  • Auctioneer: World of Warcraft players can’t survive without gold. One way to make gold in the game is to sell stuff / items you don’t need on the Auction House (located in all major faction cities). Auctioneer helps you to keep track of prices for items listed on the Auction House. This addon is very useful. Because you can track prices of items listed on the Auction House, you will know if the item you’re putting up for sale (or buying) is overpriced or not. Auctioneer has not failed me once in the last 3 years (yet anyway).
  • Quest Helper: Running around in circles in the game and wondering the whole time where you should do the quests in your quest log? Well, this addon is for you. Quest Helper helps you keep track of quests that are currently in your quest log. It works in conjuction with the TomTom Mapping addon. Quest Helper provides users with a waypoint arrow which indicates where they should go for quests in their quest log. This makes questing a lot easier and leveling a character a lot faster. The user has the option to set tracking priority to a certain quest in their quest log. My Tauren Warrior would not be at level 80 if I didn’t use this addon.

There are many games out on the market, but none of them have the ability to keep my interested the whole time. The fact that players are allowed to use addons in World of Warcraft just makes the game more interesting and addictive in my opinion. Well, I’m sure there are a ton more addons I can list, but it would just be time consuming. I’ve found that I can not play WoW without these 7 addons listed above. Many World of Warcraft players will disagree with me though. There really are a crapload of World of Warcraft addons on the web.

Here are links to addon websites that I’ve found to be extremely useful:

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