Wrestlerish on stage @ Arcade Empire


Last night (on New Year’s Eve 2011 / 2012) me, @BaasDeBeer, @exclusiv_sam, @Monica_Manson and @sparkles23 made our way to Pretoria’s premier live music venue, Arcade Empire, to catch a few bands live and to ring in the New Year in style. Wrestlerish, Gazelle, Lark, aKING and Taxi Violence were on the bill for the night. We got there at about 5:30 PM (after having a braai at our place). Eventually the bands started played at 8 PM. A nice crowd had gathered in front of the stage to catch Wrestlerish (who were up first). They played a lot of their old songs and both their new singles, Bodies of Water and Strange (both tracks that I love). Wrestlerish were well received by the Pretoria crowd. I snapped this photo of Wrestlerish as they were performing last night and it has been selected as the Daily Cool Photo for the 1st of January 2011 (yes folks, Daily Cool Photo is back).

Watch this space for Daily Updates in the Photography and Babes category. Running Wolf’s Rant is now returned to its old format completely. The Daily Babe section has also been re-instated. Feel free to comment on anything that you might find interesting here. Feedback is appreciated and welcome.


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