Fox releases trailer for 2016’s X-Files Series


Before I get into this: No, you were not dreaming and you did not wake up in the 1990’s – there is a new X-Files series airing on television in January 2016. I dunno about you guys and girls, but I’m pretty excited about this – the X-Files was one of my favorite series on television when I was growing up.

X-Files 2016

Yes folks, the X-Files is coming back to television next year and promises to be awesome. Great news is that it seems that most of the original cast will be re-united. Unfortunately it won’t be a full length series, the show will be re-introduced in a mini series format. More great news is that the show’s creator, Chris Carter is writing and producing the upcoming series.

Yesterday Fox released the trailer for the 2016 X-Files mini-series. Check it out below:

This looks really good. Let’s hope that we really find out if the truth is out there. Hopefully this will tie up all the loose story lines that were left wide open after the 9 original seasons and the two feature films.

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