Why a Business Logo Must Represent Your Business

Why must your business logo represent your business? It’s a fact that logo designs are everywhere. Even if we are not paying attention to them some logos have been so deeply rooted in our mind that they remind us of the business associated with them.

Have you ever given it a thought, why some logos stand out of the crowd while others don’t make it through? Why are we more inclined towards a particular logo while some logos don’t even register their presence near us?  Let’s get into a more detailed discussion about why logo is important to the business and why it must mirror the brand image?

Business Logo Design

Why must a business logo represent brand image?

In the quest of developing loyalty, businesses must create a striking brand image. The logo is the very first line of introduction of business to users and therefore it needs impeccable logos to get into the minds of the users. A business must create a positive first impression so that it could last much longer in the minds of the users. It must successfully represent the values and attributes in the market, among the public, and to the targeted audience.

With logos, details are extremely important. Particular attention must be paid to every design element including color, shape, and font. All these elements must together convey the message about the brand. The color, shape, image, and font must align together to offer an exciting identity of the brand.

Which purposes should be fulfilled while designing the logo?

Logo design is strategic too and not merely an art. It’s primary role is to identify and not get people to indulge in tough mind games to guess the meaning of an image. Rather it should be designed simply while keeping the essence of the brand in the mind. Remember it, identification is all that matters, that’s it.

The prevailing design techniques will come and go, there will be more appealing designs, the tools today will fade out in some years but the one thing that will truly stand is the logo of your brand. Therefore, it is important to identify product, business, related services and targeted audience that design will serve to.

That makes it important for business owners to work on the ideas only after fully understanding the business environment, who are the competitors and how they look, what symbols are already owned by the top competitors, and which new ideas could be included in the design that will make the business outstanding among the rest.

Why do logos matter to the world?

They are the face of your business, your identity

When you picture a business in the mind, you suddenly picture the logo, be it the Apple with the bite out, or a green mermaid on your cup of coffee, you immediately associate it with memories, experiences, and interaction with the brand.

Adds to the brand recognition

A well-designed logo will always be memorable helping customers to recognize the brand out of many others. Shapes, colors, images are easy for the brain to memorize rather than remembering the words. That states a brand symbol is easier to get connected to than the words are.

Designs influence decisions

From the day first we build up a visual library and begin associating pictures, fonts, and color with specific emotion or objects. As we start to visualize more, we do have personal opinions about brands or particular images. In case, we perceive a brand image to be expensive, we will always imagine the services expensive enough without even checking the services for real. In case, a brand identity looks like the type of company we are looking for, we immediately make the connection.

Create a prominent first experience

With so many business logos / business identities across the world, a new business has a single chance to impress the audience. If the business fails to create a positive first experience, there is no returning back. So, right from conceiving the idea on a logo to designing it creatively, and to keeping the essence of the business in it, there must be the right coordination among all these elements.

The business logo / brand logo must communicate brand value

 While being creative with the brand / business logo and keeping its primary purpose to identify brand services, logos can be leveraged to communicate important brand messages. Just keep the design simple and don’t leave much for the users to guess. Let’s take the example of “Amazon”, the arrow connecting A and Z represents the smile that customers will have while receiving the orders and while connecting with the brand. It also conveys the message that the company delivers everything right from letter A to Z. 

A brand logo must represent professionalism

A highly creative business logo / brand logo conveys professionalism. It conveys the message that the brand is professional in offering the services and can be trusted upon the same. While keeping creativity as the priority, don’t try to overburden the logo with too much images. Keep it simple and let users interact with it on a personal level.

Over to You

So, there you go. As you can see a brand / business logo is a vital part of a business identity, it needs to be tailored to the personality of the brand. A unique and effective design as the brand image will go a long way in keeping the brand identity intact among users.

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