Zebra & Giraffe’s new album is Sexy & Smooth


Ive-Been-Bad-Single-Packshot-300x300 Zebra & Giraffe's new album is Sexy & SmoothImagine this, it’s a beautiful hot summers day in the Lowveld. I’m next to a clear blue swimming pool with an ice cold beer and our stereo blasting the new Zebra & Giraffe album “Knuckles”. The neighbours haven’t complained (yet) but to be honest I know they are enjoying it as much as I do.

Listening to “Knuckles” on my earphones is playing mind tricks on me… the bass, the drums, the guitars… Man, it’s sexy and hot much like some of the hot bods you find on the beach, but Zebra & Giraffe is rock ‘n roll with a little electronic oemf and I like the oemf.  Jumping into the whirlpool of sound “Knuckles” you get so excited to hear the songs that you completely forget to actually ‘listen’ to them. Let me say, the mixing on this album is really fantastic. It gives you the ability to imagine the band’s live shows in your head (complete with the lights and lazers).

“Dive (Into the deep end)”: I love the intro with the electric drum sound and head drum. If you ever wondered if Greg is sexy then this song will lead your imagination to places it’s never gone before (with him of course). This is my favorite song on the whole album. I want to eat them up now and stand under a waterfall with the band (while they are shirtless). This should be their first single to radio stations – I can almost already hear a Top 40 hit beating in my ear drums.

“Dancing”: I think people who works in the entertainment business will understand the song better, but it’s a glimpse to anyone who sees past the lights and glamour (or that is just my opinion), but it’s a song anyone can relate to. “Lets go dancing in the darkness”.

“Does God Love me?” A song that anyone who questions their faith carries in their hearts. I’m not going to be politically correct here, but this is a really soul bearing song “Does He see what I see?” I would love to share a drink with the band and hear the story behind this song. It gets a stand-up applause right here from the stables my friends.

The stripped down “Dive” and “Knuckles” is close-my-eyes-while-listening-to-the-music. It’s truly songs that will speak to you in case it hasn’t already. This is exclusive only on iTunes so get downloading (legally).

It’s Zebra & Giraffe signature but it bears so much more. If I didn’t know any better it sounds like the band did a bit of soul searching and produced songs that makes you pay attention. Sit up and listen when love knocks on your door. I do hope the radio stations pick up the album, it will be a loss to the country if they didn’t air it. I can’t stop listening to this album.

Zebra and Giraffe is established, their sound are unique to what we currently hearing in their genre. I’m not just saying this but if you want to start buying their albums then this one will be a prized item in your collection. Their fans will love this and anyone who has seen them live will agree with me when I say:  “Well done boys.”. I give Z&G “Knuckles” 8 out of 10 Running Wolf Howls.

Have a listen to “I’ve Been Bad” below:

The album was released on iTunes today, click here if you want to buy it.

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