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Movie Review: Suicide Squad

That “Two trailer park girls go round the outside, round the outside” song has been stuck in my head since watching the new anti-hero...

The Batmobile: A Cinematic Evolution

The billionaire vigilante, Batman is a man of many gadgets, toys and vehicles, but none of these tools of his vigilante trade are as...

Gotham: DC’s response to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Great news! Fox has given official word that a prequel series entitled Gotham is in the works. The series was produced by Bruno Heller...

Evolution in Movies

I was browsing The Meta Picture this morning and I found something pretty awesome, a photo depicting evolution in movies. It's not something that...

Superman, Batman and Spiderman on iPhones

Today is Friday, and I think it would be sweet and fitting to end off this monster of a work week on a lighter...

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