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Cell C MediaPlay: Your New Enjoyment Destination

A few days ago Cell C unveiled its enhanced and refined all-in-one mobile and entertainment solution, MediaPlay.  MediaPlay is well-placed in today's competitive streaming...

Cell C has huge data offers this festive season

Whether you are looking for a last minute data top up or having data last you through the holidays, Cell C will ensure that...

Cell C unleashes ad of sexual nature (NSFW)

South African Mobile Network Operator, Cell C, released a brand new advert of "sexual nature" promoting it's LTE network. The advert features a shirtless...

New Cell C Advert receives flood of BCCSA complaints

About a week ago Cell C released a new TV advert. The advert features a dog humping a man’s leg every time the lead...

10 Facts: LTE in South Africa

LTE (Long Term Evolution) will be rolled out in full force in some South African cities soon. Many of you are probably in the...

Introducing Red Bull MOBILE

So, some of you might have heard of Red Bull MOBILE, but you probably don't know exactly what it is. Well, Red Bull MOBILE is...

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