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Social Media Blogs

Top 25 Social Media Blogs to Follow Right Now

You might be asking yourself, "What are the top social media blogs" to read? Don't worry we've got a few suggestions for you... Social media...
MacBook Pro Display

MacBook Pro 16”: A Nice Choice, but missing things I want

There are many wonderful things to be said about the new MacBook Pro 16” laptop by Apple. It was a long-awaited addition and a...

How did Vidmate become familiar to everyone?

Nowadays it is not a simple thing to get the videos from the social network because of the terms plus conditions. But anyone can...
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Technology: Benefits and Risks

You must have probably read the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) on various social media platforms. AI is a new technology and everyone is talking...
Virtual Reality Technologies

4 Amazing Technologies That Are Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

Technologies are changing almost every business and the gaming industry is no exception to it. You can now place bets on Internet Casino slots...

SEO in 2020: How to Perfectly Optimize Your Website for Google

Need to perfectly optimize your website for Google via SEO? This article gives you some essential tips to do just that... Fact is, optimizing your...

Why should you buy a HD Mirror Cam?

People prefer having an HD Mirror Cam in their car for protection reasons. Some use it for recording the best out of their daily...

Microsoft plans to bring Internet access to rural South Africa

Microsoft announced at the Devex Conference on International Finance that it aims to provide Internet access to 40 million unserved and underserved people by...
Cellphone in hand

Parts of RICA declared unconstitutional in South Africa

Breaking news! Parts of RICA are unconstitutional! This was the finding of the South Gauteng High Court today. The Regulation of Interception of Communications...
Casio G-Shock GPW2000 Gravity Master

Techy Not Tacky: 4 Technologically Advanced Wrist Watches

Technological advancement is making its way into watches, bringing unique features such as temperature sensors, compass, and GPS into play. Wrist watches have come...
Online Ticketing

How Is Technology Changing The Industry Of Ticket Sales?

Ticket sales for events used to require a major investment of both time and money, but with new technological innovation, handling all the important...

Is installing the latest version of Vidmate a sensible move?

The quality of video that you are downloading might suffer due to poor internet connection. No matter what the internet service providers have to...
Phone in Hand

9 Apps: A Trending Application Platform

9 Apps, a sub brand of Alibaba Group facilitates downloading of various applications from the whole world. This platform is more commonly used by...
Smart TV

Top 5 Pocket Friendly Smart LED TV’s

Thinking of changing your TV, while being on a budget? Well, we have comprised a list of the best smart LED TV's that have...

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