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Britains Got Talent Set

Why we need more reality shows about performing arts

Now, you’re probably going to laugh when you read this, but the fact is that reality shows are actually good for the music industry...
Netflix Chambers

What’s coming to Netflix in April 2019?

April 2019 is here and Netflix is releasing some content this month that will most likely make this month less boring than it could...

52 Things that you can do instead of watching Reality TV

It's the year 2017 and I have a question. Why the hell is Reality TV still a thing? I don't watch it so I...

Introducing Mark Wright

There are some people with such a unique charisma and charm that they are all but guaranteed to have a room full of people...

My Rant About “Bullshit” and a reminder from Robert Frost

For those of you who didn't know, I'm 35 years old. In this day and age I'm really getting frustrated about the gigantic amount...

Reality Musicians or Studio Pop Tarts?

I know a vast number of people who will not watch reality shows such as Idols or X Factor, and this article is my...

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