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Albert Meintjies To Release Debut Solo Album Soon

Albert Meintjies is no stranger in the music scene and has been active since 1996. Highlights in his long-standing career include his performance with...

Francois Van Coke Achieves Solo Success

On the 8th of April 2015 grave reports of xenophobia, the Eskom power crisis and protesters chaining themselves to the Paul Kruger statue in...

Francois Van Coke Solo Album Review

You don’t need me to tell you who Francois van Coke is. You know his musical biography and history. As a cow that...

Francois Van Coke Debut Album and Music Video released

There's no doubt in my mind that 2015 is going to be Francois Van Coke's year. He's taking a new path with his self-titled...

Francois van Coke to release solo album in 2015

There's no doubt in my mind that Francois van Coke is one the most renowned and iconic frontmen in South Africa and if you've...

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