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Music. Film. Art. Literature. Current Affairs. Culture. I document. Speak out of turn. Think. Engage. Offend. Witness.
Kris Bach - EP Cover

Introducing Kris Bach

When first asked to write about the Kris Bach Extended Play, I agreed without any hesitation. This is, after all, my twin’s project –...

Hotbox Studios: Memories, legends and stories

The story you are about to read is based on true events. The names of the people have not been changed so for when...

The Importance of Being Earnest

My thanks go out to the Absinthe-swigging spirit of Oscar Wilde for granting me temporary stewardship over this title. I do, however, apologise for...

My X, Your Doos: An Elections 2014 Opinion

Folks, it's that time once again! That time when you receive strange texts in the middle of the night or during your midday office...

This Is It: The Summer of Our Discontent

For a while now I’ve been sat on the sidelines of the blogosphere – much to the consternation of my editor, Henno Kruger. Yes he’d send...

Gig Review: Le Voyage @ Arcade Empire

Cast your minds back some months ago (15 August 2013), and you will remember that I conducted an interview with the Pretoria-based trio Wim...

Off The (Great) Wall: All Hail Bieber!

Here at Running Wolf’s Rant we pride ourselves for celebrating the utterly brilliant, ignoring the mediocre and completely annihilating and shaming those who do...

An Evening with the Barbosa Experience

When the chance presented itself to interview the members of The Barbosa Experience I jumped at it. Actually I leapt at it like a...

Rebel! Revolt! Riot! (And crank the radio volume up to 11)

Today I read a quote from Radiohead front man and all round music visionary and good guy, Thom Yorke and it read: “I think a...

Oh What a Wonderful World

September the 11th will always be remembered as the day that the USA and the world watched in great horror as two passenger aeroplanes...

An Interview With Le Voyage

The local (South African) rock music scene is experiencing a mushrooming of talent of late. There are a host of new – and interesting...

A Recipe for a Social Media Maelstrom

So here's the recipe for a Social Media Maelstrom: 1. Take two parts FHM employees (Max Barashenkov & Montle Moroosi) 2. Add one part inappropriate Facebook...

For The Love of Rock ‘n Roll

“Simplicity provides a fine line between eloquence and plainness” I “stole” the above line from the film Brown Sugar, starring Taye Diggs (Doctor Sam Bennett...

Declarations are never easy

Declarations are never easy. Because of the highly uncertain nature of the outcome, there are misses – many, many misses. As the story goes...

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