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Game Review: EA Sports UFC 2


Let’s get ready to RUMBLE! UFC 2 is the second installment in the Mixed Marshal Arts franchise developed by EA Sports. It features all the blood, sweat and knockouts that you would expect from the sport. With over 250 fighters , the roster in UFC 2 is simply massive. As in the previous title , the roster also feature a truck load of officially licensed fighters , from Connor McGregor and Rhonda Rousey to Bruce lee and Mike Tyson. All of them are extremely lifelike and you sometimes find yourself cringing when a knockout occurs.

Graphically , UFC 2 is the best looking sport game on the market. The visuals are stunning and the level of detail is out of this world. Injuries are eerily realistic and it is something to behold when you knock another player out. Blood is realistically animated and sometimes it leave the canvas stained for the entire fight. The physics engine has also been improved and every kick and punch has weight to it. Giving you that satisfactory thud as it connects against the face of your opponent. Knockouts are brutal as knees buckle and heads smash against the ground. Grappling and Clinching has also been reworked and features a much more smooth experience.

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The game also sports a few new gameplay modes , such as “Knock out” and “UFC Ultimate Team”. “Knock out” is your traditional fighter game system where your goal is to beat your opponent without grappling or clinching. “UFC Ultimate Team” is pretty much the same concept as in other EA Sports Titles , you unlock fighter packs and spend credits on creating the ultimate fighting team. Career mode is pretty much the same as in the previous title but the “EA Sports Game Face” feature has a few new enhancements. It is now possible to edit your uploaded face in the game itself. For those that do not know what Game Face is , it is game feature where you upload a photo of yourself into the game and the game automatically models your face onto your career character. Yes it is fun seeing yourself beaten to a pulp.

All in all UFC 2 is a huge improvement over the first title and it will keep you busy for at least a couple of months. I personally enjoy this game a lot and will recommend it to anybody who is looking for a good fighting game.

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Rating : 8.5/10

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