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An Interview with Jordi


Last year Jordi won the Converse Get Out of The Garage contest and since then he has been making waves in the SA Music industry. Thanks to the awesome folks at Converse this Durban Native will start to record his 5 track EP entitled “An Ocean of Clouds” this week on Thursday. It promises to be one of the most exciting releases of 2014. I recently had the opportunity to chat to him about this and a few other things, this is what he had to say.

Did you think that you would win the Converse competition last year?

I was just so grateful to have made top 10. The fact that I won it was unbelievable, every act in the top 10 was deserving, I just worked really hard at it.

Which tracks will be listed on the “An Ocean of Clouds” EP and which one is your favorite?

I’m not 100% set on the 5 songs I’ll use for the EP just yet. I’ve got a whole bunch of songs I’ve written. Thursday I’m going into studio to sit down with Producer Stef Myburgh and together we’ll choose the 5 best tracks. I have a few favorites…but you should chose your own. I’m so excited to announce that the talented designer / illustrator Richard Armstrong will be doing my EP artwork..so far it looks incredible.

Which festival / event is on your bucket list for 2014 and why?

Myself an my Manager are meeting this week to plan my year going forward. If it were up to me I’d play every event and festival possible in South Africa.

Which 3 pieces of advice can you offer for all the aspiring SA musicians out there?

1. Try do something creative every day, even if you don’t feel inspired. Music and Art is a muscle and it needs exercise.
2. Find the person or act you look up to the most, try figure out what their key to success was / is and apply it.
3. Don’t take life too seriously, have fun.

Which international acts do you want to see live in South Africa and why?

Jis, I’d love to see Matt Corby, James Vincent Mcmorrow and Bombay Bicycle Club come to our shores. These guys have so much feel and are true story tellers. I’m just a huge fan.

How can people get hold of you online for bookings or to interact with you?

For bookings you’re welcome to mail me on [email protected]. Also follow me on twitter for all updates via @jordivandyk. Don’t forget to have a look at my website too, it’s located at www.jordivandyk.com. All this would not be possible if it weren’t for Converse, thank you guys!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jordi for taking time to chat with me. I wish all of the best with his musical career and other ventures that might present themselves on his path. Give Jordi’s song, “The Garden” a listen, click on the play button below:

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