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Nando’s Sharing Meal TV Advert

Great News! The awesome folks at Nando's are at it again! This time they're promoting the flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken sharing meal. Apparently it's a meal...

Nando’s Diversity TV Advert

Yes folks, Nando's have done it again. And this time they are tackling Xenophobia in their newest TV advert entitled "Diversity". For the people...

Nando’s Options TV Advert

Yes folks, Nando's are back with a brand new advert! They're definitely one of my favourite brands when it comes to advertising in South...

Nando’s: The Dubious History of Delicious Peri-Peri Advert

Over the years Nando's have become famous in South Africa for their radical, awesome, hilarious and sometimes tongue-in-cheek style TV adverts. People like Vernon...

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