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124 photos that document the South African Music Scene in 2011

As the title suggests, this post contains 124 photos documenting the South African Music Scene in 2011. I can't believe that I snapped these...

Photo Album: The Last Hurrah @ Hotbox Studios

On the 11th of November last year I made my way to Hotbox Studios to enjoy The Last Hurrah - a party that will...

Hotbox Studios: Memories, legends and stories

The story you are about to read is based on true events. The names of the people have not been changed so for when...

Brace yourself for an epic party at Hotbox Studios

Hotbox Studios was a legendary live music / party venue in Pretoria. It was located at 1072 Schoeman Street (now known as Francis Baard...

Photo Album: RAMFest 2011 Cape Town

So, last week Wednesday I hopped onto the Hotbox Express, bound for Worcester (in the Western Cape) for my first ever multi-day RAMFest experience....

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