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And the 2013 Darwin Awards go to…

In case you did not know, the Darwin Awards has its origins on Usenet on 1985. The awards recognize individuals who have contributed to...

How Social Media Changes the World

In the last few years social media has blown up and now is an inescapable feature of digital life these days. Over 10,000 South...

Interesting Tweople: Liesl De Bruin

Today it's time for another edition of Interesting Tweople on Running Wolf's Rant.  Today I'm featuring @Liesldb, an ex Pretoria girl now living it...

5 Reasons Why I am looking forward to Oppikoppi This Year

People have called me a "festival junkie", a "legend" and an "Oppikoppi Veteran" when they've heard that I've been to 13 Oppikoppi festivals over...

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