You know you’re in a World of Warcraft PUG when…

Have you ever been in a World of Warcraft PUG (or pick-up group)? In case you did not know, players run Instances and Dungeons in the game which require between 5 and 25 players and sometimes there are player needed.

More about World of Warcraft PUGs

Because players aren’t online constantly and because they don’t always have friends online or in their guilds that are needed for Instance groups, an option exists in World of Warcraft whereby you can search for players to join your group.

These players will usually be someone that you don’t know (and they could be from anywhere in World, really).

World of Warcraft pug

Some of you might relate that it could be quite frustrating in a World of Warcraft PUG. I think you’ll like reading this because you could probably relate.

You know you’re in a World of Warcraft PUG when:

1. When you need a tank and a healer.

2. When a Hunter pulls the instance cause he forgot his pet on aggressive.

3. When a Druid rolls on cloth for the spellpower.

4. When the Death Knight tank insists that no Crowd Control is necessary “cos i can tank mwhahaha”

5. When the Hunter uses feign death next to a healer.

6. When the Hunter Misdirects the wrong tank.

7. When the Death Knight shadow pulls its target into melee range of ranged DPS.

8. When the Enhancement Shaman always has Magma Totem out.

9. When you wipe on the first boss and 2 guys leave the group “cos i can’t you noobs” and “yeah noobs i’m out too” and then you don’t get anyone crazy enough to do Durnholde Keep for a week.

10. When the Paladin tank pulls a 12 mob group with his Consecrate.

11. When you take a level 80 with to a level 70 instance. He gets possessed and 2-shots the healer. The group disbands because everyone thinks the lvl 80 is a noob.

12. When everyone is cloth but the group won’t let the Druid roll need on a green leather item.

13. When someone rolls Need on every drop and rolls on every roll.

14. When the Rogue fails a sap and runs back to the healer.

15. When the Hunter kites and never comes back.

16. When the Healer runs out of the instance on the first pull.

16. When 2 players disconnect every 3 minutes.

17. When the tank asks the group if he can go to McDonalds and swears that he’ll be back in 10 minutes.

18. When the Holy Priest says that he can heal and arrives with a full Frostweave Set (Before the Wrath of the Lich King expansion).

19. When a player runs by too close to Maiden in Kharazan and causes a group wipe.

20. When 2 players die on the Nightbane fight in Kharazan while standing in the Charred Earth.

21. When the Holy Priest tells you that he’s “the best healer in the world”.

22. When the Hunter runs out of bullets or arrows in the middle of a Boss fight.

23. When the Warlock runs out of Soulshards after you’ve killed about 10 mobs in an Instance.

24. When the tank forgets his shield in the bank.

25. When at least 1 player thinks he’s Leeroy Jenkins.

26. When someone types “Laterz” and just leaves the group without explanation.

27. When the person who messes up the most in a run links the Damage Meters to group chat first.

28. When you run Black Morass 10 times in 1 day and every time something else goes wrong.

29. When the healer starts to DPS out of frustration.

30. When the Hunter traps the wrong target.

31. When the Mage is pulling Aggro constantly.

32. When the Mage has to constantly re-sheep a target.

33. When you’re in Kharazan for 9 hours in 1 day.

33. When you start a group on Facebook to find people PUG with.

34. When a Paladin, Warrior and Death Knight are fighting a single piece of Blue Plate gear.

35. When a Shaman complains about the Hunter getting all the Mail gear.

36. When someone asks for a Heroism buff at the beginning of the Instance.

37. When the Hunter decides that his melee DPS is better than his ranged DPS.

38. When a Mage decides that he can tank with his Water Elemental.

39. When a group member has to leave because his mom wants him to do chores around the house.

40. When the tank does not understand what a Line of Sight pull is.

41. When you’ve wiped so many times that you need to repair at least once during the Instance / Raid.

I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons how you would know when you are in a World of Warcraft PUG. Feel free to comment and share this post with your friends. Happy Gaming!

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