Zebraman Releases Debut Self-Titled EP

Today sees the release of Zebraman’s debut self-titled EP. The EP comes after the release of their debut single, “Green & Lovin'” in September 2020.

More info about Zebraman

Zebraman is four-piece indie pop dance offering straight from the popular student town of Potchefstroom and consists of Johan Viljoen on Vocals & Guitar, Jan-Meyer Verhoef on Keyboard, Wouter Möller on Drums and Franzua ‘Zua’ van den Heever on Bass.

Zebraman - Potchefstroom Band

Zebraman is half zebra, half man and makes music you can dance to, drive to and vibe to: A celebration of the many different styles and textures they find around the world and in South Africa while addressing everyday topics such as freedom, love and sacrifice.

With zebras having black and white stripes instead of one grey coat and their colours co-existing with each other, they are an embodiment of all the different cultures within our beautiful country – the essence of what it means to be South African.

Zebraman, the EP was written over a 6 month period, starting in September 2019 and recorded and produced by Johan Viljoen at Die Stam in Potchefstroom. With words to say and music to play, the EP features the recurrent theme of choosing your own freedom.

“This is Zebraman’s first peak into the world, and this is who and what we are.”

An extravagant musical journey of choosing your own path and letting go of what you don’t need, the EP can be described as an accurate representation of who the quartet is as a band, what they sound like and what they think about when they are not playing music.

Zebraman EP Track Listing:

1. “Green & Lovin’” – This track is about breaking away from certain false ‘utopias’ that people tend to create for themselves while actually just ending up losing themselves in it.

2. “Cold Feet” – This song is about breaking away from people that are not willing to commit to relationships.

3. “Children In Disguise” – It’s about finding your true self, and how we are all clothed with fancy words, ideas, knowledge etc. but that we are just children underneath it all, looking for something meaningful in life.

4. “Medicinal Criminal” – This track is about sinister charismatic leaders that try to steal your freedom by letting you subscribe to their personal doctrines.

5. “Blindsided” – This song moves away from the idea of choosing freedom, and rather how falling in love makes you want to give yourself to someone and sharing that freedom together.

The whole EP has a lekker laid-back vibe and it’s basically just what the doctor ordered on a Friday morning.

You can stream / download the Zebraman EP HERE.

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