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Astrosaur release new single: “Poyekhali”


Astrosaur have released their new single, “Poyekhali”. In case you did not know, they are a 3-piece instrumental rock band from Oslo, Norway.

Astrosaur‘s virtuous necro-nautic universe consists of equal parts instrumental rock and post-metal, studded with lavish prog-, jazz- mathrock- and black metal ornaments.

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Photo By Wanda Nordstrom

Virtuous guitarist and main song writer Eirik Kråkenes has filled in as a session musician for Norwegian acts Leprous and Ihsahn, among many others… he is one of those people you meet at literally every European metal festival, but always with a different band.

Astrosaur is his own band and brainchild, and Obscuroscope is only their sophomore album – hard to believe, considering the
musical scope and the maturity of songwriting on display here.

The band has recently signed a deal with Pelagic Records. They will be releasing their album “Obscuroscope” on the 27th of September 2019.

Although heavier and more energetic, Obscuroscope feels slightly brighter in vibe overall, than the bands debut offering Fade In // Space Out. The songs have more riffs and written parts while maintaining some of the space, ambience and room for improvisation from the previous record.

“Whereas on Fade In // Space Out we kind of made a point of basically recording the album live, we were not afraid of overdubbing or tracking instrument by instrument for the parts that demanded that, while still recording other parts live. This, ironically, resulted in a sound more true to how Astrosaur sounds live.” says Kråkenes.

Crank up “Poyekhali” below, I’m pretty sure that you’ll enjoy it:

I know this might be a little different, but it’s really good in my books. If you love what you’re hearing, click here to pre-order their album NOW!

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