Author: Shivani Goyal

I'm a content writer at NotifyVisitors. I write SEO articles, blogs, and guest posts for businesses to improve website ranking on SERP. I follow a balanced approach to the quality of content and its marketing. I loves to be creative, besides the fact that I was an English major.

It’s a fact that personalization is the key to the future of marketing automation.Marketing Automation uses software to automate marketing activities such as lead generation activities, telemarketing, market education and price justification, social and relationship marketing and much more. Marketers use automation to assist them with improving the ROI from their marketing investments. It helps with scaling up exercises that you would somehow do physically or complicated for people to interpret. Marketing automation solves are critical issues that incorporate coordinating diverse advertising systems and improving income attribution to marketing. Here are some examples ‘I received a special birthday wish note…

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