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Black Market Riots call it a day


Some fans say it was expected, others hoped that the band will continue on the road to success, but for the last six months we all asked, “Will this be the end?”.

Black Market Riots (a band based in Somerset West / Stellenbosch) made headline news when their guitarist (and friend to many) Pierre Joubert suddenly died of an illness – he was only 27 years old. The loss of this talented guitar player placed his band in mourning and with a big task: to finish their first studio album since 2010.

Forward life to September and the 3 remaining members, Danie de Villiers, Rudolph Heinen and Fano du Plessis launched the album entitled “Epoch”. It was a night that was filled with tears, laughter, love and music.

But today the band announced that they have decided to call it a day for Black Market Riots. “This year has been one tough year, with the huge loss of our brother Pierre, and to finishing an album without him was intense and heartbreaking. Coming to where we are now, Fano, Rudolph and myself had some heavy thinking to do about where we want to go with this band, be it style, sound and commitment, so after many meetings and decisions, we had to make the call.”

Black Market Riots will be saying goodbye to all of you. “It has been one hell of a ride and we cannot thank you all enough! Geepers, we played great sets with rad bands and made great friends. To all the venues we played, you
shaped our performances! Goodness, the fests, those were beyond rad! Thank you for the opportunities!”

For a band that played at Utophia, RAMfest Johannesburg and many more festivals it almost feels unfair that they are breaking up. But on the other hand it’s not easy moving on without your brother by your side. To Danie, Fano and Rudolph it’s been a great pleasure hearing and watch your journey growing for the past 6 years. I’m sorry that this cow never got to watch you boys live but I’ve always supported and will never stop believing.

From this cow to a band that deserves everything and so much more – salute! Watch this space for regular updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant

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