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Deadline release music video for “Confessions of a .45”


6-piece Pretoria-based Deadline have released a music video for their blistering track “Confessions of a .45”. The track is a power anthem befitting the New Wave of SA Heavy Metal (NWOSAHM).

“Confessions of a .45” tackles the topic of internal conflict and grappling with one’s inner self! The track is about a .45 Magnum Handgun confessing to its crimes … frustrated at its very nature, which is to kill and bring about death, destruction, anxiety and pain.

Deadline by David Devo Oosthuizen
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Photo by David Devo Oosthuizen

In the end, the gun makes peace with itself, coming to terms with its very dark nature. It essentially highlights the existential struggle the gun is having with itself and was inspired by the age old saying, ‘guns kill people’.

Frontman Jessy Switchblade comments

“We wanted to bring an inanimate object to life and have this object take on human form and share with the listener its woes, ideas and thoughts. I think a gun is perfect for this. Imagine if a gun could speak, it would be able to tell you as the listener many a tale.”

“We recorded this video in an old mansion just outside Pretoria in Cullinan called Villa Fantasia. The mansion was built in the 1940’s by old Italian war prisoners and was modelled on Mussolini’s mansion back in Italy. The place holds such a rich sense of history and culture, but it was also eerie with many closed doors and historic props. We did not know what could pop out from the dark corners at any time!”

This release will bring the album cycle for “Black Wolf City” to an exultant close (with the sophomore album in the works for an early 2020 release).

More info about “Confessions of a .45”

“Confessions of a .45” was written by Deadline and recorded at Gloryvale Studios, Edenvale by Mike Wright. The track was mixed & mastered by Heinrich Kollner from Burning Tone Studios. Juan Smit from JDS Media Solutions was the videographer. He was assisted by Marek Szatkowski. The video featuring Mario Rego, Marius Els, Chris Ebersohn and Adele Janse Van Rensburg.

More info about Deadline

The band was formed in September 2014. Deadline are Jessy Switchblade, Raven Chaos, Skullprit, Judge Mental, Baz Steel and Dizzy Styxx.

Deadline are on the forefront of the New Wave of South African Heavy Metal (NWOSAHM) and mix elements of traditional heavy metal, thrash metal, power metal and hard rock in their music.

They are known for their passionate, energetic stage shows and have a loyal fan base all over South Africa know as the Deadline Heavy Metal Crew (DLHMC). Deadline‘s debut album, ‘Black Wolf City’ was released worldwide On 14 October 2017.

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