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Introducing Daaf Vapor


Pretoria based musician Daaf Vapor (aka Dawid Kahts) is a highly experienced and musician and artist. He has played guitar for many established bands / musicians including Battery 9, Bacchus Nel in a variety of genres ranging from jazz to industrial hard rock.

He is also the mastermind behind the satirical Afrikaans Electro-rock group Thys Nywerheid. Daaf Vapor has already released 2 singles and is currently working on his debut album which should see the light of day soon. Apart from doing all the instrumentation on the songs himself he also released 2 lyric videos for his singles.

Daaf Vapor
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Currently taking a break from the gigging circuit he will return in full force once his album is done. Finally after drinking too much vodka one night he accidentally discovered that he has a hidden talent for satirical sketch based comedy. The Russian character “Ivan the Tiger” emerged from his sub-conscious.

Check out the lyric video for this song “Autotune” below:

Check out the lyric video for his other single “Wake Up” below:

I must say that I really love Daaf Vapor’s satire. I also love the way that he’s done both of these lyric videos. I’m really looking forward to full album. I’m curious to hear and see what he comes up with next. I bet that the live performances will be awesome as well.

If you like what you hear and see, make sure that subscribe to YouTube channel, like his Facebook Page or follow him on Instagram. I’m predicting that you’ll be impressed what with he comes up with in the near future.

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