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Park Acoustics: A quick chat with Oh Those Guys


Oh Those Guys are one of the acts who will be performing at Park Acoustics this weekend in Pretoria. This Joburg based dance sensation performed at Mieliepop this year as well.

I recently had a chat to them about Park Acoustics and a few other things. This is what Oh Those Guys had to say…

Where does the name “Oh Those Guys” come from?

Laziness. It was mostly a joke, but turned into a phrase that stuck and is now quite recognizable.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the electronic music scene in SA?

Neither of us know the electronic scene in South Africa, but we have seen a lot more platforms talking about the people involved in the scene (she said.so / Not Sorry Club / Discwoman) and workshops revolving around the scene. It’s good to see more attention being paid to everyone involved.

Oh Those Guys
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When you think of Park Acoustics, what comes to mind?

Climbing trees, Jack Daniels Honey shots, sunburn. And of course, amazing bands.

What can we expect from you at Park Acoustics?

A lot of sing-along hip hop, white-girl dancing (from Mel) and multiple requests for shots.

What’s your idea of the ultimate edition of Celebrity Death Match?

Jess: Tyler, the Creator vs Van Morrison

Mel: Betty White vs The Kardashian Family, because she’d kick all their asses. (That shit should be on Pay Per View if you ask me).

I’d like to thank thank Oh Those Guys for this interview and I wish these ladies all of the best with their set at Park Acoustics this coming week. If you don’t have tickets yet, get yours HERE. Hellcats, Fuzigish, The Narrow, Boo! and Indian Mynah will also be performing on the day, so you should not miss out.

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