Photo Album: Bullet for My Valentine at Oppikoppi 2012 Sweet Thing

On Saturday night I made my way to the Wesley’s Dome stage to catch UK rockers Bullet for My Valentine at Oppikoppi 2012 Sweet Thing. More than 18,000 fans gathered in front of the newly built stage.

I must admit that I’ve never been a huge fan of their music, but I heard good things about their live performances beforehand. I decided to watch their set with an open mind.

Bullet for My Valentine completely blew me away with their excellent live performance. Their stage presence and the way they interacted with the crowd was just amazing. At one stage they played an instrumental version of the SA national anthem – much to the delight of the huge crowd at Wesley’s Dome. They also got 3 simultaneous mosh pits going – something that must be some kind of record at Oppikoppi if you ask me. It was one of best live shows that I’ve seen by an international act in recent times.

To see Bullet For My Valentine at Oppikoppi was definitely one the highlights of 2012 for me. I’m getting the idea that they’ll come back to South Africa in the near future. Apparently their performance at One Night in Cape Town went down extremely well too.

I snapped these photos of Bullet For My Valentine:

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  2. Taryn Tibble

    Yep, I was blown away! I’ve always liked them, and I have to say that they took me entirely by surprise!

    Fantastic shots Hennotjie 🙂

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