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Coronavirus: 10 Facts That You Should Know

The Coronavirus outbreak is currently making headlines all over the world. Luckily it has not spread worldwide and killed millions, but there's a very...

Why We Should Not Mix Alcohol and Cannabis

Today I explore why we should not mix alcohol and cannabis. I trust that you'll find this information useful. Before we drink alcohol and smoke...

Aging: 10 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know

Aging is a fact. It’s a force of nature. It doesn’t matter what way you put it, the plain fact of the matter is...

Self-medication with Cannabis Oil: Is it Good or Bad?

Today I'm giving you the the Lowdown on Self-medication with Cannabis oil. You'll find out everything you need to know. Recently the drug policies of...

Help the SABMR to save the lives of 4 children

Help the SABMR to raise funds for bone marrow transplants for four children this December. If you do, you have a chance to win...

Bianca Ackhurst (22) needs your help

Brackenhurst resident, 22 year old Bianca Ackhurst was admitted to Netcare Clinton Hospital Intensive Care Unit in Alberton after experiencing flu-like symptoms and “Tingling”...

22 month old Baby Joshua needs your help

Baby Joshua Naicker (22 months old) from Midrand, Johannesburg, was born at only 33 weeks old with challenging circumstances.  The circumference of his head...

17 April is World Hemophilia Day

In South Africa every year on 17th April, World Hemophilia Day is observed. This is a worldwide critical effort event to increase awareness of haemophilia...

7 Motivational Techniques To Overcome Your Depression Level

Depression might not be a physical disease, but this mental disorder can have a significant impact on a person’s life. Even though not classified...

Upcoming Film documents SA Junior Doctor’s plight

A new film which documents the crazy hours junior doctors have to work in South Africa. It's set to be released in September 2016...

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