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PTA National Botanical Gardens

Gaan Groot Op Die Gras in Pretoria op 11 Mei 2019

GROOTfm 90.5 bied met trots Groot Op Die Gras aan: ’n Splinternuwe Afrikaanse musiek-en-leefstylfees op Saterdag 11 Mei 2019 by die Pretoria Nasionale Botaniese Tuine. Kom spandeer jou...

Brace yourself for Smoking Dragon Festival 2016

Now celebrating its 7th year, the Smoking Dragon Festival will bring the spectacular Drakensberg to life for an epic New Year’s festival set over 3...

Brace yourself for iFest

iFest is a collaboration between music lovers & business partners who know the music industry well. They have decided to bring a premium music...

My 2 cents on STRAB 2016

I almost want to humm Eninem's song “Guess Who's Back” since it’s been six months since my last article on Running Wolf’s Rant, but I’m...

Prepare yourself for a moerse Bokjol in September 2016

Thousands of proud South Africans will party their socks off and have the time of their lives at the country's newest and most unique...

My 2 cents on Rock of the Bushveld

They say good things take a while to mature... or is that wine? I couldn't remember but this cow does certainly still have the...

Saarkie “Reisiger” Album Review

There is a sparkle in the guys' eyes when I tell them that Saarkie is made up of 3 girls playing their own ...

Don’t miss the SAARKIE album launch on 28 February 2015

It’s hard writing about people that you know and love. It’s hard telling a story without taking a side. It’s hard stating facts when your emotions...

Full line-up confirmed for Mieliepop 2014

Are in the mood for great music talent (both new & old), gorgeous rivers, rolling fields, squeaky clean infrastructure and incredible entertainment? Are you...

My 2 cents on the Road to STRAB party in Nelspruit

You know you had a good party when you woke the day after wearing a dirty smelling Olmeca Tequila t-shirt, have one shoe on...

Otterlake Easter Festival: Totally worth my bronchitis

Let’s start with a big thank you to Running Wolf's Rant for them tickets! After I got notified that I won, it seemed...

My 2 cents on the Blue Moon End of the year party

This past weekend was one epic drunken Jack Daniels influenced Blue Moon End of the Year Party. In Nelspruit (AKA Nelsparta) we don't have...

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