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A green cow, part of a heard of plastic / latex cows, spread between Nelspruit, Sabie and Cape Town. My owner adopted me when I only could speak Chinese, now I'm fluent in Afrikaans, English second language and cow.

My Resensie van Innibos Laeveld Nasionale Kunstefees 2018

Die Innibos Nasionale Kunstefees in Mbombela (aka Nelspruit), was weer ‘n reuse sukses ten spyte van hoër inflasie, stygende petrol pryse en net die...

Review: Live @ The Sun Area, Time Square

Hearing 20,000 fans singing “All over you, all over me, the sun, the sea, the sky” along with Live gave me gooseflesh. I will never...

10 Things You Did Not Know About Blue Moon

Blue Moon is a legendary name that is whispered among many people still. Musicians screamed over their microphones and the mountains are as glorious...

Lekkerland Carnival 2017: Groot pret in Dullstroom

Dullstroom is 'n piep klein dorpie tussen Lydenburg en Belfast met Tonteldoos as ‘n buurman. Dis in die hart van die grasvelde van Mpumalanga...

My 2 cents on the Hoot ‘n Anny Weekend in the...

Have you ever seen Hoot ‘n Anny live? Maybe as you stumbled past the stage at a festival and your ears may  have caught...

“Stop the bullying” says Korn’s Jonathan Davis

Humans can be assholes, I’m a green cow and I can tell you that humans can be assholes to fellow humans and animals. Not that...

My 2 cents on Woodcrock 11

Imagine you could go back to your old childhood home and it’s exactly the way it was before. The same paint colour, the same...

Movie Review: Suicide Squad

That “Two trailer park girls go round the outside, round the outside” song has been stuck in my head since watching the new anti-hero...

My 2 cents on Innibos 2016

Nelsparta is not the small town everyone tends to think it is. It's also not as hot as one would think it would be in...

My 2 cents on STRAB 2016

I almost want to humm Eninem's song “Guess Who's Back” since it’s been six months since my last article on Running Wolf’s Rant, but I’m...

Movie Review: Alice Through The Looking Glass

It’s been while for both myself and Alice Kinsley to return. Watching a movie at your local movie house is just exciting actually. I...

My 2 cents on Rock of the Bushveld

They say good things take a while to mature... or is that wine? I couldn't remember but this cow does certainly still have the...

Brace yourself for Rock of the Bushveld

One day festivals are just as awesome as 4 days festivals but if it’s happening in the Slowveld then it’s even better and Rock...

Catch Dan Patlanksy Live in the Lowveld

If you are a follower of my cute little green self then you would know that not many things happen here in the Slowveld....

My 2 Cents on Innibos 2015

It comes and goes and leaves its babalas mark on Nelsparta, it's one week of arts, music, kuier and celebrating not being Afrikaans but...

Your Guide to Innibos 2015

Nelsparta is busier than ever this week: Yes, it's time for Innibos 2015. There is a whole carnival ride section being built (which looks...

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