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When oom Henno asked me to review AWOLNATION I had no idea who or what they were. I had “Youth of the nation” by POD running through my head. AWOLNATION is not even from South Africa, they’re from the USA, so that made me sat upright straight away.

Their new album “Run” is hot off the producers table and from what I see on their social media pages, fans have been waiting a long time to hear the new tracks. A little bird told me that they played an excellent live show at RAMFest 2012. (I’m usually wrapped up somewhere, so I tend to miss a festival that is called RAM, but that’s not the point).

My general feeling regarding AWOLNATION’s new album “Run” is that it’s low and then becomes fast paced. It’s almost like drinking too much voka and Red Bull – yeah it starts pumping. It’s a downer and then an upper – I almost sound (and feel) like Jimi Hendrix’s drug dealer and I’m getting a little bit of an 90’s electronic rock vibe (like the Chemical Brothers, Moby, Beck, etc).

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Can you call them a band? I’m never sure with this genre music. I assume playing with electric drum kits and mixing music through computers (not like DJ’s) qualifies as a band – I’m not dissing them. I noticed that most of the electronic rock genre there always hints of where the group’s music influence comes from. The tracks that I thought time stood still was “Fact Face”, “I am” and “Woman Woman”.

“KOOKSEVERYWHERE” burst my ear drums with it’s metal speed type drumming (there should be some kind of warning somewhere) and “Live Love Life Love” goes on a little too much at the end. The opening title track sets the mood for the listener, if you like what your hear continue to the rest.

The quality of the album is truly fantastic, probably because it’s American. It’s clear, not to loud or to soft (a problem that you encounter with some records). It’s something you can listen to in the background if you are bored on a Sunday afternoon. My human’s boyfriend mentioned that it sounds like the type of soundtrack Red Bull will use in an extreme sports videos or events. I agree.

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I think if you are a fan of electronic rock then yes have a listen to the album. If you like me that prefer the rock stage above the electronic stage at a festival, then pass on this. I give this 5 out of 10 RWR Howls. They’re missing points for bringing the WOW factor to a first time listener…

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