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Van Coke Kartel release new video for “Klein Wêreld”


In late 2013 Van Coke Kartel released their 5th studio album entitled “Bloed, Sweet en Trane”. The first single off the album, “Moregloed” showcased the band’s tour of Europe and was definitely one of the best videos that was released last year.

Great news is that the awesomeness did not stop there for these Bellville boys, they won the 2014 SAMA for Best Rock Album over the weekend and released a music video for the second single off their new album, “Klein Wêreld”, last week. They also recently walked away with two awards at this year’s Ghoema Awards: Group of the Year and Best Rock Album.

More great news is that you don’t need to fast forward forty years or so to see how Van Coke Kartel will be rocking out in an old age home in Sea Point in Cape Town, you just need to atch the new video. The music video was chosen for funding as part of kykNET Musiek’s MVP initiative and was produced by Chasing Migada Productions. This single was a fine choice for the music video as it already scored number 1 positions on Tuks FM, MFM and Puk FM.

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I have to say that this is one of the coolest music videos that have been released in 2014. This is totally how I pictured Francois, Jed, Dylan and Wynand 40 years from now. Adding an oxygen tank on stage would’ve added a little more dramatic effect to the music video though. Check out the full video on YouTube at this link.

Cosmesis Advanced Prosthetics gave fans a peek into the band members’ future by transforming Van Coke Kartel into grandpas, here’s how they did it:

Van Coke Kartel will be setting fire to some of South Africa’s biggest festivals this year, including Oppikoppi and Innibos festival. Fans can expect more tour details to be released soon. At least two more music videos for tracks like “Here Man” and “Sweef” will be released later this year. Both tracks are from “Bloed, Sweet & Trane”.

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