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Win tickets to the 2018 edition of Capital Craft Beer Festival


Saturday 16 June 2018, we be the day on which the 6th annual Capital Craft Beer Festival will be held in Pretoria.

Over the last few years Capital Craft Beer Festival has established itself as an indispensable part of the Pretoria social calendar which should not to be missed. 10,000 beer and music lovers congregate in the beautiful natural scenery offered by the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens.

This event sets the bar for the industry with over 40 brewers present, ample entertainment available and a massive variety of food to choose from. So make sure that you don’t miss out on this spectacular event.

Attendees can expect 3 music stages, a comedy stage, over 40 brewers, over 200 beers on tap, over 20 food stalls, a kids area and much more!

So far Amundsen Brewery, Anvil Ale Brewery, Cape Brewing Co, Clarens Brewery, Drayman’s Brewery & Distillery, Friar’s Habit Craft Brewery, RIOT Beer and The Standeaven Brewery have been confirmed as brewers for the event.

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Photo by Henry Engelbrecht

There will be musical performances by Spoegwolf, Ard Matthews, The Black Cat Bones, Femi Koya, Crimson House, Retro Dizzy, El Cantante, Bad Peter, Christiaan Baartman, We Are Charlie, Janie Bay, etc. There will also be stand-up comedy from Al Prodgers, KG Mokgadi, Glen Biederman-Pam, Alfred Adriaan, Long John, Ngoba Ngcobo and Dillan Oliphant.

Gates open at 10 AM and close at 7 PM on the day. Tickets will set you back R170 online or R200 at the gate. Both these options include a branded beer mug that you can use to drink your brews at the festival. Get your tickets online here or try your luck in our competition below.

We are giving away a double ticket to the 2018 edition of Capital Craft Beer Festival!

All you need to do to enter our competition is leave a comment below and tell us just how much you love beer. The person who we think loves beer the most will be declared as the winner of a double ticket.

This competition is NOT open to under 18’s and closes on the 20th of May 2018 at midnight. The winner will be notified in the comment section below on the morning of the 21st of May 2018.

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  1. I need beer erryday erryhour errysecond. I’m a beerholic I love beer so much I made my own words. I attended last years Beerfest and I had the best time! If I win these tickets I will show you how much I love beer by downing one of those pretty mugs full of beer!

  2. I love beer so much, I wrote a little thingy
    99 beers on the wall
    99 beers – I’ll have them all
    99 beers, trying not to fall
    99 beers, going to drunk call

    98 beers for my friend
    98 beers, till the end
    98 beers, my car has a dent
    98 beers, I’m starting a trend

    97 beers for my sister
    97 beers, not from another mister
    97 beers, why did he kissher
    97 beers, why is she saying smishter?

    96 beers for my brother
    96 beers, not from my mother
    96 beers, it is no bother
    96 beers, still love him like no other

    95 beers for my brother in law
    95 beers, everyone goes awe
    95 beers, neither of us can draw
    95 beers, now he’s using a straw

    94 beers at the Capital Craft Beer Festival
    94 beers is almost acceptable
    94 beers, I am so flexible
    94 beers, this wasn’t meant sexual

    93 beers summarizes us that day
    93 beers what else can I say
    93 beers yes, you should be scared
    93 beers, always when our judgement is impaired.

  3. Well, I grew up in a German household, so I had my first beer, possibly before I even tasted my Mother’s Milk hahaha – I am not too sure about that one, but I will ask to confirm 😉 However, the first time I passed out from too much beer was when Christoph and I took a 2 liter Tafel bottle (they used to come in plastic bottles (like a Coke) in the 80’s) when I was 3 or 4 years of age and drank as much as we could on the grass in our garden. Needless to say, when we got too quiet, our parents came looking for us and found us passed out under a tree with the beer bottle next to us… I think that just shows how MUCH I love beer and I still do. Luckily now I can handle a few liters – like the 9 liters I drank at the Oktoberfest in Munich a few years ago… (I had to reach the average German Man’s beer consumption and then I stopped counting)
    So, Henno, pick me – “Bier her, Bier her oder ich fall um”, “Im Himmel gibt’s kein Bier, also trinken wir es hier” Prost x

  4. I love beer so much that I think beer is now addicted to me. When I try to put it down (and that would only be in emergencies like needing a bathroom break because of the beer) it forces itself into my mouth. You don’t know the frustration of this, as some people just refuse to believe this and think I am addicted to the beer…

  5. Henno ou maat….Jy ken my mos nou al vir jare!! Vra vir Dawie hoe baie ek van bier hou…Ek mag nie vloek hier nie!! Maar dit is baie!!

  6. Ek het n fobie met die naam van Cenosillicaphobia dis n fobie vir glas bier wat leeg is en die enigste manier om oor die fobie te kom of dalk heeltemal te genees is om n kaartjie te wen na die 2018 capital craft beer festival want daar sal my glas die heel dag vol bier wees en hoef nie te worry oor my fobie nie!

  7. How do I love beer? Let me count the ways. I love beer to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight For the ends of being and ideal grace. I love beer to the level of every day’s Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light. I love beer freely, as men strive for right. I love beer purely, as they turn from praise. I love beer with the passion put to use In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith. I love beer with a love I seemed to lose With my lost saints. I love beer with the breath, Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose, I shall but love beer better after death

  8. I love beer so much, I love everything about beer, from the anticipation as you near the fridge, the cold touch as you reach in for the promise of golden deliciousness, the whiff of hops as you crack open the heaven sent beverage, the first sip that’s reminds you of your first kiss, to the last sip that leaves you in awe as to what we did to deserve such an amazing thing as beer!

  9. Love beer but love tge evolution of craft beer even more. Willbe craft fest no 4 for our family…just love it!

  10. I love beer so much that i can’t remember all the reasons, because of beer….


    I love drinking beer, it makes me relaxed, feeling better about myself, and enjoying the people around me..

    The last thing i LOVE about beer is the fact that it gives some people personality !
    Some people just need that….

  11. Because there’s nothing a beer can’t fix also, we Are coming from CPT to attend this festival so please please pick us

  12. I am often asked what kind of diet I follow to keep up my amazing body..my answer is a very simple one. I follow a well balanced diet, one beer in each hand, and eating a salad 3 times a day, beer is made from hops, hops is a plant, thus it is a veggie, and so a salad. Also seeing as beer also contains water, im getting my daily intake of water in one go so YAY ME


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